You may have the Monday blues, but wait until you see the latest beauty trend: rainbow freckles. The trend has popped up on Instagram and women all over are embracing the sun flecked marks — even those without actual freckles.

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Makeup artists and consumers have been sprinkling metallic and rainbow colored pigments around the cheeks and nose area to achieve the look. But how to get them, you ask? @dominiqueldr (who has taken the internet by storm) used liquid lipsticks and regular lipsticks from Dose of Colors to create the purple hues on her face.

And according to Seventeen, you can also get the look by applying a lipstick color (or colors) of choice onto a large-pore sponge and then “lightly” dabbing it in desired areas.

Looking for a more natural approach to freckles? Freck Yourself started a recent Kickstarter campaign and will be launching smudge-free, semi-permanent freckle appliques in February. And Topshop even has a Freckle Pencil that will help you get a natural look.

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What do you think? Will you be trying out the rainbow freckles trend anytime soon?

xx, The FabFitFun Team