You know how you go on OKCupid and think, “Oh two of these guys are cute! I wish I could date them both”? Well now you can. On Friday, The Atlantic broke the news that OKCupid will now have a feature that will help polyamorous couples find love(s).

If users wish to note on their account that they are in an “open relationship” they can now do so. The reason OKCupid decided to add this feature is because they’ve found that monogamous users has dropped from “44 percent, down from 56 percent in 2010”. You don’t have to be completely polyamorous to engage in this feature. It basically just sounds like it’s an option for people who want to hook up with more than one person at a time. ( In fact, according to OKCupid, 24 percent of its users are “seriously interested” in group sex.)

The Atlantic also notes that even though OKCupid now has the feature, other sites like Tinder and haven’t made the plunge yet.

While the “open relationship” feature was originally added in 2014, OKCupid is currently seeing a growth in percentage of its users. If you’re in an open relationship and are looking for a comfortable forum to meet multiple partners, this may just what you’ve been looking for.

xx, The FabFitFun Team