Meet the LBD of fitness: Pilates. Like the LBD, it’s been around for ages. It gained popularity then faded a bit to give way for trendier workouts. But just like fashion, fitness trends come and go, but the little black dress of fitness remains a constant body-transforming, mind-clearing, spirit-changing workout.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Nonna Gleyzer of Body By Nonna, who has trained the likes of Kerry Washington, Natalie Portman, and Gisele Bundchen (hello, inspiration!). She revealed some Pilates secrets and why it’s so great to start (or keep!) a Pilates regimen.

Say bye-bye to crunches but hello to skinny jeans! Nonna hates crunches (say no more, we love her already!). “When you do crunches you are only reaching your upper stomach, not your lower.” With Pilates you strengthen your core, your hard to reach lower stomach muscles, and lower back.

No need to wear heels to feel taller! If you feel taller after a Pilates session, it’s because you actually are! “Pilates decompresses your spine (making you taller) and it creates balance in your body and your posture,” Nonna said.

Prevent injuries and look killer in a mini. Pilates will make your body lean and toned but just as important, it will prevent and rehab injuries. “Most of the workouts you see put enormous pressure on the joints, but Pilates takes away the pressure from the joints and ligaments,” she said. It’s the balance between muscles that help you feel refreshed, not exhausted, after doing a move, she said.

Think of your workouts like you would your wardrobe: mix and match! There is no need to give up your favorite spin class, barre class, or weekend hike, Nonna said. “Our bodies are meant to do different activities and I truly believe in doing whatever it takes to accomplish your goal.”

Just like accessories: less is more! “The exercise goes deep into your muscles and joints so your muscles need time to recover. Once a week can be very beneficial. I am true believer that less is more,” she said.

Time to get your Pilates on!

xx, The FabFitFun Team