Last year we told you about Lammily, the first doll with imperfections. And now, she’s getting even more real.

The makers of this one-of-a-kind doll have introduced their very own “Period Party” to take the awkwardness out of the topic of menstruation. The accessories open a natural conversation that could avoid future confusion for girls who start their period before their parents or an educator mention it (or try to drop a mixtape about it).

Lammily Period 5

“If a doll has pads, how can [menstruation] be taboo?” designer Nickolay Lamm explained. “Periods are such an integral part of a woman’s life, just a healthy part of it. It shouldn’t have to be swept under the rug.”

Lammily Period Doll 3

The pack is available for $10, and comes complete with an explanatory pamphlet, 18 colorful printed pads, a pair of yellow polka dotted undies, and a calendar with stickers.

Lammily Period Doll 2

The only thing we’re worried about is how disappointed these little girls are going to be when they realize that pads don’t really come in all of those awesome prints, and you can’t decorate your denim button-up with them.

Lammily Period 6

What do you think? Would you buy this for your little girl?

xx, The FabFitFun Team