We’re thrilled to introduce Lindsay Saccullo, Brooklyn based designer, blogger, and mom to baby Avery! Today she’s sharing her story of the transition to motherhood, and showing us two ways to style the modern nursery. She’s an expert at making the most of small spaces, and we love what she’s done with a little Honest inspiration.

I’ll admit that before I became a mom, looking for responsibly made products wasn’t first and foremost on my mind. Sure, I knew that there were safer products available, but it wasn’t always a priority. As soon as I saw the first sonogram of our daughter Avery (which looked like a little dancing lima bean!) something in me changed forever. Just knowing that I would be accountable for another life was enough to turn my own life upside-down in the best of ways. I won’t say I did a total 180 overnight, because that would be untrue and unrealistic. But since day one of pregnancy and beyond I’ve slowly integrated a more natural awareness into my life, and our life as a family.

Now I’ve got a rescue mutt and a tiny human trotting/toddling around our apartment (both often literally licking the floors!), so it’s important to be able to trust what I bring into my home — from cleaning products to furniture. If only the 4-in-1 Convertible Crib and Dresser had been available in Coral and Navy before Avery’s arrival! Sigh.

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