All right, all right, all right. It’s a new year, so in true basic fashion, it’s time to talk about all the things we’re going to do in 2016 that we totally sucked at in 2015. So bust out the old pen and paper, swap the weekly slutty brownies, for a daily detox drink, and most importantly: time for some reflection.

Unfortunately, New Year resolutions are almost always broken. Most of us can usually get through January, but beyond that our habits come rushing back. Well not this year. New Year Resolutions are SO 2015. Here’s a little suggestion for ya. In 2016, let’s try something with a little bit more accountability. The New Year Resolution SCHEDULE.

Think of it like a TO-DO list. Is it just me, or do you get a serious rush of dopamine every time you check an item off on your to-do list? I personally do a little dance inside when I check off items. Clean the house, CHECK. Write a blog post, CHECK. Pick up dry cleaning, CHECK. My life is seriously an ongoing to-do list, and at the end of the day when all the items are checked off, I feel SO badass.

Sooo since every year I think about all the things I WANT to do in the New Year, half of which never get done, this year I’m turning my resolutions into my schedule, and the only resolution I’m sticking to is sticking to my schedule. SO, here’s how I turned my resolutions into my SCHEDULE.

You can use any calendar app on your phone, I use Google Calendar, do what works for you. Basically, the idea is to take your list of New Year resolutions and turn them into a specific to-do list of appointments, or reminders in your calendar and hold yourself accountable by sticking to it. For example: here’s how I went from unaccountable resolutions to an ACCOUNTABLE schedule.

Read More = SCHEDULED one hour blocks every single night to read for an hour. I literally created a recurring event on my calendar just for reading.

Work Out More = SCHEDULED Pilates classes twice per week + one hour workouts every other morning to do TSC Bombshell Body Guide and a little cardio.

Relax More = SCHEDULED one hour per week for some me time. I scheduled a time to give myself an Aztec clay mask facial the first week of January. I’ve also scheduled a bunch of chiropractor appointments for the first few months of the year.

The point is, simply creating a list of resolutions isn’t enough. If you plan and prepare to take action, you’re much more likely to get in the habit of doing things to actually achieve your resolutions.

So what’s on your New Year Resolution List? How are you going to turn your resolutions into scheduled actions?

Happy New Year everyone! Let’s kick ass in 2016!


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