Fighting for a brunch reservation can really put a damper on Mother’s Day festivities. This year, plan a movie night in with you and your mom.

Grab a bottle of her fave vino and an array of snacks, fire up your Amazon account (our new ‘go-to’ movie source) and snuggle up together on the couch. Your mom will feel celebrated and not even have to get out of her PJs. These seven movie picks are mom approved and you’ll love them too! We can’t promise you won’t need a box of tissues on hand as well.

Oh and if you wanna score real brownie points from mom this Mother’s Day – can we suggest getting her the new Amazon Kindle Fire? Fave child award will be 100% secured. #yourewelcome

Happy watching and happy Mother’s Day to all!!

Little Women
There’s nothing like this classic movie to make you relish in being a female. While it does make us weep uncontrollably at times, what better person to laugh and cry with than mom?

Mrs. Doubtfire
The hilarity and talent of the late Robin Williams is at an all time high in this movie. You and your mom can enjoy this family flick that tugs at our heart strings. Maybe even enjoy a cake frosting face mask to feel like you’re part of the movie too.

It’s Complicated
Meryl Streep can do no wrong. She’s basically the unofficial voice of women, mom’s especially, everywhere. This rom-com will please both you and your mom. Also, we secretly wish Meryl and Alec would get together in real life. Ask your mom which celebrities she wishes were a couple and make a game of it.

Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon wow in this movie that’s all about women working together. It’s nice to celebrate the strongest woman in your life with a flick that also puts two strong women in starring roles.

The Family Stone
What would a family be without a little drama. You and your mom might even realize your relatives aren’t as crazy as you thought after indulging in this dysfunctional story. But in the end family is family and we all have to stick together.

The Parent Trap
We love this Lindsay Lohan remake of the classic film. It’s such an incredibly charming story that will be nostalgic for both you and your mom. After you watch this version, pop in the original film for a double feature.

Steel Magnolias
This list would be meaningless without this film. The ultimate chick flick that makes us want to speak in a southern accent all the time. Celebrate the friendship you have with your momma while you cuddle up during this perfect film.

xx, The FabFitFun Team