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Staying healthy on-the-go can be tough. But when we learned that girl crush/pro skier and model Sierra Quitiquit travels two to three weeks out of each month, we had to pick her brain on how she stays fit and healthy — without sacrificing all the fun stuff (hello, truffle fries!).

Not only does she work with some of the biggest brands out there (think Athleta and American Eagle), but she’s also super down to earth and knows how to have fun. From packing her rollerblades for on-the-go exercise to fighting jet lag, check out her ultimate travel tips and advice.

How do you manage to still enjoy delicious local fare?
I use Yelp to find green juice spots. I figure if I’m getting all of the alkalizing nutrients of a green juice in while I’m traveling then I can enjoy whatever lands on my plate throughout the day, even if it’s not always the healthiest. I’m a total foodie and one of my favorite parts of traveling is experiencing local cuisines but I try and stick to my power foods when ordering out. For me, that’s protein and healthy fats.

What if there’s no gym or studio where you’re staying?

I’m obsessed with inline skating. I pack my rollerblades so I can get out for an evening sunset skate. It’s the best way to see new cities too!

How do you avoid the junk food traps during layovers?
I never skip a meal, even if I’m traveling. If I know a flight plan is going to run into my meals I’ll show up early to the airport so I can eat a healthy salad or pack lunch with me.

I always travel with healthy snacks, even a meal (liquid free) packed into a mason jar and a water bottle. Flying can wreak havoc on my digestion; I’ve learned my lesson too many times to go near the junk foods.

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How do you combat jet lag?
I drink tons of water. I always bring a reusable water bottle with me and am sure to get hydrated before, on and after a flight. I try and plan ahead for the next time zone. If I’m heading east I try and get up early and get to sleep early for a couple days before my flight.

Plane germs, yikes! How do you keep a healthy immune system?
My immune system struggles when I travel and I manage to pick up lots of colds and bugs. I started traveling with these herbs that Gaia makes called Quick Defense. The second I feel run down I’ll take it and it give my body the extra boost to beat it off. I also take Gaia Ginger and Turmeric on the regular to support my immune system and fight off inflammation.

Must-pack workout gear?
I pack my gym shoes, a couple pairs of leggings (I love Athleta), a couple sports bras and cute [tees] that I can sweat in. I’m obsessed with my Manduka yoga mat. I fold it into my carry-on and practice yoga on long travel days. I also bring Physio resistance bands, which are amazing because you can bust them out anywhere.

I can’t leave home without my foam roller. I recently got a tiny hollow one so I can pack it in my carry-on. One last thing: lacrosse ball for self-massage – this can be a lifesaver if like me, your neck throws out after long flights.

How to you maintain your impressive six-pack on the go?
I don’t drink alcohol, aside from very special occasions. So I think that’s my biggest tip, not only because you avoid the sugar, but also you’re so much more likely to hit that 6 am spin class when you’ve gone to bed sober!

Favorite ski destination?

Alta, Utah because the snow is like nowhere else and it’s so pure to ski. It’s my happy place.

Favorite beach destination?
I love Nosara, Costa Rica, because the surf is so fun and there’s an incredible yoga culture in this little town.

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xx, The FabFitFun Team