We all know that a newborn baby can cause a lot of stress, but after watching the first season of Bravo’s Pregnant in Heels, we realized that those new and high maintenance moms-to-be are a match for any baby.

Yes, the adorable reality star Rosie Pope certainly has her hands full with all of her Manolo-wearing clients, but somehow the founder of Rosie Pope Maternity and MomPrep, and overall pregnancy authority whips those moms into shape with grace, style, and serious sass. We chatted with the baby guru about staying fit, fashionable and, of course, fabulous during and after pregnancy.

You’re in amazing shape after having two babies and we hear that you give fab advice when it comes to staying fit during pregnancy. What’s the secret?
Establishing a pregnancy workout regime early on is key. Walk on varied terrains at least 3 times per week for 20 minutes at a time. Mix in prenatal yoga and Pilates and if you don’t have a studio near you, be sure to get a DVD. If you’re having a normal, healthy pregnancy the key is that you should usually maintain the exercise regime you were doing before pregnancy, but not increase it. So if you weren’t a runner before, this is not the time to take it up! Exercise may not make labor quicker or less painful but it will certainly provide you with the tools to deal with it better, have the stamina to get through it and bounce back quicker.

What are the keys to eating right?

As your pregnancy progresses it can be uncomfortable to eat a lot at once, but you need to get the right nutrition so my mantra is small and often. Make sure your meals are colorful (and I don’t mean jelly bean colorful, although I do love them) to ensure you’re getting enough of all the right food groups. Drink a lot of water and while you only need an average of 500 calories extra while pregnant be sure to treat yourself every now and then!

Did you have any crazy cravings while you were pregnant?
I was obsessed with peaches my first pregnancy and red licorice my second.

Any suggestions for avoiding weird cravings?
Cravings are hard to avoid although many pregnant women have more aversions than they do cravings. If your craving is particularly bizarre, consult your doctor as it may be a sign you are lacking in a certain vitamin or nutrient. But by and large enjoy your pregnancy and indulge a little, especially if you are staying active.

Okay we know your clients are all about heels – even during pregnancy. What are the best types of heels to wear while pregnant?
Wedges are by far the best heels to wear while pregnant: chic, comfortable and stable!

How do you keep up with your hair and nails while pregnant without harming the baby?
It’s a personal choice but most feel highlighting hair is fine because the dye doesn’t touch the scalp and enter the blood stream. If you want to do your nails make sure the room is well ventilated. By and large, avoid both in the first trimester.

What kinds of dresses are the most flattering during pregnancy?
As for fashion, go tight early in your pregnancy to show off your growing bump and then lean towards flowing styles towards the end of your pregnancy. These will also be great post delivery when your belly isn’t back to its pre-pregnancy shape. Some great affordable brands are H+M Maternity, Gap Maternity and Merona Maternity from Target.

What are your favorite bikinis/swimsuits to wear while pregnant?
I actually think bikinis look great on pregnant women and you don’t have to worry any more about sucking in your belly! Just make sure the bikini isn’t too tight. Those with side ties are great – as you expand so does the bikini!

We love your incredibly chic diaper bags! What was your inspiration behind the 3 fashionable bags you have online, and will you be creating more?
I wanted to create a diaper bag that had the functionality of my dream diaper bag on the inside but looks like a beautiful fashionable bag on the outside…hence the London Shopper! This fall, the London Shopper will be coming in many colors (both nylon and leather) and even in a smaller size perfect for moms who don’t need to carry around all the diapers and the bottle anymore, but still need a great looking functional bag.

Right now you are only doing classes at your flagship studio in NY. Do you plan to go West Coast or help Southern belles?
I promise we’ll be in more cities very soon. We are also expanding our online content and have put up tips from our experts on YouTube: www.youtube.com/rosiepope

Most moms have great internal instincts…what was the worst experience you had with a mom who just didn’t get it?
I have to say that although some of my moms have wild and crazy requests while pregnant, as soon as they look into their baby’s eyes that instinct kicks in and everything I’ve taught them makes sense. I just don’t think I could leave them if I didn’t think that instinct had kicked in.

What’s the best type of exercise for getting back in shape after the baby is born?
It is really important to start exercising as soon as you get the all clear from your doctor. Fitting exercise in now that you are a mom can be tough so I suggest an exercise that is quick but intense. Running and speed walking burn calories fast and you can do it anywhere without a special class or gym. Plus, you can do it with your baby if you buy a running stroller. Just be sure to wait until your baby has enough neck stability for the jostling around. Now ladies, the sad truth is if you had a vaginal birth you may have a little unplanned urination when exercising. Don’t worry about it: do Kegels, buy some Depends and don’t tell your partner (some information you don’t need to share)! You soon won’t need them anymore.

We were huge fans of the show. Will there be a season 2?
Thanks and fingers crossed.

xx, The FabFitFun Team