If you’re a proud pet owner, you know your furry friend is more than just a sidekick — they’re a true member of the family. When it comes to the products we use for their daily well-being, family deserves the best. Give your pet the ultimate luxury treatment with these indulgent finds that you didn’t know you needed in your life. From preventing a sunburn to protecting their paws, our Furry Friends Drop has you covered on the essentials to keep your pets in tiptop shape! 

UnHide Dog Bed $89 $125

The first thing every pet needs is a plush, cozy bed to burrow in. This orthopedic bed from UnHide is made of Marshmallow faux fur, making it unbelievably soft, just as comfy as your lap.  


Warren London Dog Sunscreen $10 $13.99

Did you know that dogs need sun protection too? Their skin can get dry and scaly when exposed to too much sun. Luckily, this sunscreen spray from Warren London provides hours of protection and it’s easy to use. Just apply directly onto the coat and massage into the snout and ears. 



Warren London Dog Nail Polish Pen $6 $8.99

Matching manicures with your pooch? Yes, please. Take your pet’s style to the next level with colorful nail polish in this super fun shade. The pen-shaped tube makes application simple. Your furry bestie will have a pep in their step when they show off their pampered paws!


Brklz Galactic Swarovski Charm $9.99 $45

Add some glam to your pet’s collar with a gorgeous Swarovski charm that will draw all the attention. The charm clips right onto your dog’s or cat’s collar, making for a fun and glitzy fashion statement sure to turn heads. 


Warren London Paw Defense Wax $9 $12.99

If you’ve ever been worried about your dog’s precious paws against harsh-weather pavement, this product is for you. Featuring conditioning coconut oil and beeswax, and soothing Vitamin E, the wax serves to protect and heal dry, cracked paws from both cold and heat. 


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xx, The FabFitFun Team