If you have a pet we’re sure you have your own list of reasons why your animal is the best. Even if your pet tends to misbehave, if anyone asks, Fido is a perfect angel. Having a pet isn’t just about spending time with an adorable ball of fluff. They can also help improve your mood and over all well being!

Pets are a big responsibility and require lots of time and attention. However, if you can find the space in your life for one, it’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made. Ever. Here’s 10 reasons your life will totally change when you let woman’s best friend into your heart and home.

1. Your bed is never empty
Whether you want your pup in there or not, sleeping is just better when you have a fluffy friend to cuddle with!

2. Someone is always happy to see you
Pets will barely let you get into the door without wanting to shower you with kisses. Whether you’ve had a great day or a tough one, this is delightful to come home to.

3. You always have a lunch buddy
Food! Our dogs love meal time as much as we do. While you shouldn’t overload your pet on human food, slipping them a scrap or two will make their entire day.

4. Petting animals can lift your mood
According to WebMD, petting your dog or cat releases a relaxation hormone that can actually calm your nerves.

5. Your Instagram is 100% more adorable
Insta+animals = Our fave!! Be honest, you’re following at least a few adorable animals on the gram. We are too!

6. They’re part of the family
Don’t live close to your family? Not super friendly with the neighbors yet? Your animal is happy to be your BFF — any day, any time, any year!

7. They keep you moving
Your dog has to get its exercise and Fido can’t really do it without you. Whether you run, swim, walk, or wrestle with your pet, you’ll both be burning calories and studies show you may even lower your risk of heart disease.

8. Your safety is their priority
Animals have instincts we can’t even begin to tap into. They know someone is coming way before they arrive at your door and they perk up at a moment’s notice. Ensuring you and your family are always alert of visitors — and squirrels.

9. Waking up to the cutest face ever
Kisses, kisses, and more kisses. While it might mean losing your spot in the bed or being surrounded by more energy than you can bear before coffee, waking up to a pet is really a treat.

10. Pets love you unconditionally
You are their world. When you’re gone, they are worried. When you’re home, they are loyal and loving. Your pet is your family and you are theirs.

Did we convince you to get a little ball of fur for yourself? Visit aspca.org to find a shelter near you, and click here to find out how you can help with a simple photo.

xx, The FabFitFun Team