We love a good blouse around here. What we don’t love is putting on a blouse and realizing that a button is missing and our bra is suddenly on display. Or maybe our boyfriend is up early for work and suddenly we’re being woken up with a missing-button-on-his-dress-shirt situation.

No matter the quality of clothing, buttons loosen up and slip off. You can either channel your inner Martha Stewart and find a matching thread and re-sew it, or take the lazy girl approach and take preventative measures.


Once you see the thread unraveling, take a dab of clear nail polish to the thread to stop it in its tracks. We bet the odds of you having clear nail polish on hand is way greater than finding a matching thread lying around. Are we right?

And if you’re really on top of it, you can simply polish all of your buttons the second you bring them home from the store. Lazy or genius? You be the judge.

xx, The FabFitFun Team