Fast alternatives to a slim waist and thin thighs can be tempting. We have all been there, done that. Well, after hearing more and more about this intuitive eating thing, we decided to learn more about it and found some amazing women on Instagram who are total experts. So instead of running for the quick fix cleanses to slip into your bikini, enjoy what you love and get in tune with your bod!

Follow these ladies to get the deets on a happier, healthier, intuitive you.

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Healthy Hits The Spot
After seven years of diet torture, Paige finally said goodbye to diets and has never been healthier or happier. Along with her business partner Simi, they are out to change the way women think by allowing freedom to all foods. Now that sounds like something we can sign on for! Follow Paige on Instagram to see her healthy intuitive tips and tricks!

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This former attorney is out to help women feel sexy, happy, and free. In addition to pairing up with Paige to work on freeing women from dieting, Simi is a holistic health coach who believes in giving your body what it needs. Sometimes it’s kale and sometimes it may be chocolate cake, and that’s OK! Follow Simi on Instagram to see a day in the life of this fun and gorgeous intuitive eater.

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Josie Spinardi
Josie speaks the truth when it comes to dieting. She truly preaches that you can have your cake and tiny jeans too! Oh and did we mention she has a bestselling intuitive eating book on Amazon? Follow Josie on Instagram for inspiring quotes and pictures to slim you down naturally.

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Jamie Mendell
This east coaster tortured herself with diets until she finally got fed up! She ditched the dieting mentality and dropped those unwanted pounds she had been trying to get off for years. Now slim and sexy, Jamie is out to help women get into her intuitive mindset. Follow Jamie to see her fun posts on Instagram. Oh and did we mention she still love to indulges in cocktails? Yes, you can be an intuitive drinker as well!

xx, The FabFitFun Team