OMG — we die! This is so maj!

Yes, it’s a sit down with über-talented entrepreneur, effortlessly chic designer, and stylish mega-stylist Rachel Zoe.

Rachel is one of the most influential forces in fashion today and her new collection is as always completely bananas. The incredibly gorgeous mom of two recently released her second book, Living in Style.

We chatted with the fierce fashionista about her new book, summer’s soon-to-be biggest trends, and how she balances work, family, and constant glamour.

We are so excited about your new book Living in Style: Inspiration and Advice for Everyday Glamour. Can you tell us a little about what to expect?
With Living in Style, I wanted to share how it is possible to incorporate glamour into your everyday life — through personal experience and tips from some of my expert friends.

What inspired you to write a second book?
I waited a long time before writing a second book because I wanted to share something new and different with people. Living in Style is kind of like the grownup version of Style: A to Zoe. This time it’s about how to live life in a glamorous way instead of just how to get dressed. Like my first book, Living in Style is intended to answer the myriad of questions I get asked on a daily basis — from friends and family to social media channels.

We love the cover that you released on Instagram. You look uh-mazing as always. What are you wearing and how difficult was it to decide what to wear?
I’m wearing a 1967 Jean Patou couture dress covered in crystal, silver, and pearl embellishment from William Vintage.

We gotta be honest — we can definitely use a little more glamour in our often hectic lives. What is your best glamorous advice for a girl on-the-go?
Take the extra five minutes to put on lipstick, tie your hair into a messy topknot, and throw on a well-tailored jacket and cocktail ring.  These simple steps take no time at all and give you that extra boost of confidence.

That said, with writing a new book, styling your hugely famous clients, creating a gorgeous new line, and creating an even more gorgeous family — you make us look downright lazy! You’re so busy! How do you balance work and home?
It has taken many years, but I finally have the most amazing team of people who I work with. And, my husband and family are so supportive of everything that I do — I literally couldn’t do it without them.

What are the five essential items everyone needs in their closet?

  • Tote bag: opt for neutral colors — black, brown, or nude
  • Something sequined, whether it’s a tee, blazer, or shift dress
  • Evening clutch, whether it’s a timeless black satin, bejeweled, or an exotic skin
  • Tuxedo: blazer, trousers, or dress
  • Versatile jumpsuit: silk or jersey with a defined waist is always flattering

And since our closet could use a serious spring cleaning — any advice on what to get rid of?
Start by purging the things that you haven’t worn in a year or more.  Store the pieces that have sentimental value but make sure to keep the essentials accessible — your favorite chunky knits, structured jackets, crisp denim, and whatever else you find yourself reaching for on a daily basis.

While we’d love to totally remodel our digs, budget is a consideration. Do you have any tips on how to amp up our home style without breaking the bank?
It doesn’t take a ton of money to amp up your home style. Go to flea markets and vintage fairs to find vibrant ashtrays and colorful accents like coasters or vases! When on a budget, I also love to frame vintage scarves as a form of art — it adds depth and color to otherwise bland walls.

What’s the one beauty product you can’t live without?
It’s impossible to pick just one! Some of my obsessions are Egyptian Magic healing balm — it even takes scratches out of leather. I also love Tatcha beauty papers and have been using them for years. When I travel, I always make sure to pack Skyn Iceland eye gels and Arcona Triad pads as well. My hero kit makeup essentials are Nars Orgasm blush, Tom Ford lipstick in Scarlet Rouge, Armani Luminous Silk foundation, Tarte mascara, and Charlotte Tilbury’s eyeshadow pencil in Black Diamonds.

What’s your favorite way to relieve stress?
A night at home with my husband and two sons eating takeout in our bathrobes and watching old movies — there’s nothing better.

What do you think will be the biggest trend for summer?
Perforated leather!

xx, The FabFitFun Team