Every girl likes a bad boy, but Matt Bomer isn’t just your average suave personality in a leather jacket. In fact, you might never catch him in one of those—he prefers skinny knit ties, well-fitting suits, and a fedora. And instead of beating his enemies to a pulp, he outsmarts them…especially when said enemies are law enforcers. That’s right, ladies, Matt Bomer is the ultimate bad boy — he’s a criminal.

Just kidding. That’s just his character, Neal Caffrey, in his hit show, White Collar (returning to USA Network Jan. 22).

From his early roles in Guiding Light, Tru Calling, and Chuck, the only thing Matt has ever really stolen is our hearts. The fine arts grad from Carnegie Mellon with trademark icy blue eyes has captivated everyone from Ellen to his fans to his co-star, Tim DeKay, whether he’s acting, singing, dancing, or simply being a total goofball.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that he’s not afraid to bare it all. Of his role in Magic Mike, Matt said that the “stripper boot camp” terrified them all, but they “manned up together to get it done.”
(Full disclosure: We’d love to make some sort of inappropriate “we’d like you to do us, too, Matt” joke here, but alas, this specimen of perfection isn’t available to us ladies.)

To be honest, between his adorable family, his heartfelt role in the Broadway play 8, and his humanitarian award for his fight against HIV/AIDS, perhaps this unavailability increases his appeal. We won’t judge if you become as obsessed as we are with someone you can’t have! It is, after all, his only flaw.

Just make sure if you ever meet him not to make a Freudian slip during introductions, as Today show correspondent Jenna Wolfe did.

xx, The FabFitFun Team