From Instagram to Snapchat, now more than ever we are constantly seeing ourselves. Whether it is for a professional profile photo or a quick selfie, these tips and tricks will leave your skin glowing and looking ageless.

Contact a Professional: Dr. Julian Dixon in Chicago, IL. offers private consultations for his patients to naturally guide them to achieve the younger look they want. With the latest technology and products, you will leave feeling flawless!

Avoid Stress: I suggest a good run or yoga to move your body and strengthen your mind. Getting in at least an hour workout daily keeps your heart rate up and will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated

Moisturize: Every morning between chasing the kids, making breakfast, and getting in a workout, I make sure to apply my favorite moisturizer with SPF from Laura Mercier.

H2O: Water is essential to life! Fill up on H2O and you will notice a significant change in the look and feel of your face. I try and get at least two full water bottles in a day, and sometimes add in a splash of lemon for flavor.

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