Having a sad friend is the worst. Whether it’s a break up, losing a job, or just having an “off” day — no one likes to see their bestie unhappy.

If you have a friend that has a case of the blues, you can save the day! Turn their frown upside down with our 10 tips on cheering up your bud and bringing them back to their wonderful selves.

1. Sweat Away Stress. As Legally Blonde famously told us, “endorphins make you happy.” Working in a sweat sesh with your BFF is the perfect stress release. Try a CFX Extreme Class at Exhale Mind Body Spa and you’ll both be in for a treat.

2. Shine Your Light. Spoil your bestie with a little gift that lets them know you’re always thinking about them. A candle is the perfect gift because they smell amazing and won’t stack up like those bottles and bottles of Bath & Body Works lotion people are always tossing at each other. Grab EJH Brand’s Lemon + Fig candle to put a smile on anyone’s face.

3. Give It A Shot. If your bud is in need of an instant pick me up, gift them a B12 shot. Yes, we know, shots aren’t exactly our idea of a gift either. But the B12 shot from Epithereal Skincare will give your gal an instant boost of energy and decrease depression.

4. Mix It Up. Remember how much fun it was to swap mixed tapes in jr. high? Recreate that fun feeling for your friend by creating an iTunes or a Spotify playlist for them on their phones. Simply snag your friend’s phone and fill up a surprise play list with all your feel good faves.

5. Arts And Crafts. Invite your somber pal over for a little DIY party. Grab some vino and an adorable project from Darby Smart (like their Girl’s Night: Metal Stamp Bracelets) and create some happy memories for your friend.

6. Beautify The Day. Download the PRIV app and schedule a mani for two in the comfort of your own home! The app brings a professional manicurist, make up artist or hair stylist straight to you. Just turn on The Real Housewives and pamper your bud back to happiness.

7. Doggie Style. Petting pups can increase the level of endorphins you produce in mere minutes! Pop over to your local shelter with your gal pal and pet and walk some pets in need. You’ll brighten the dog’s day and kiss your friend’s dog days away.

8. Sing It Off. Nothing feels better than shouting Since You’ve Been Gone at the top of our lungs. Head over to your fave karaoke spot and rent a room for you and your BFF. Sing as much Taylor Swift as loud as you want until you feel better!

9. Send Some Love. Surprise your BFF with one of our FabFitFun VIP boxes! Everyone loves receiving mail, especially when it’s filled with amazing beauty, fashion, fitness and lifestyle goodies. This special delivery is sure to cheer anyone up because it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

xx, The FabFitFun Team