The holidays are right around the corner–along with pies, cobblers, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and anything else coated with sugary-gooodness and loaded with buttery-fluffiness.

The holidays induce a bittersweet feeling for us women: we’re excited for cheerful music and chic ear muffs, yet terrified of those five pounds we inevitably will gain. Since skipping out on deelish desserts and perfectly cooked meats are not on our to-do lists, we must workout like maniacs instead.

The workouts below are effective, fun, and will keep your gluttonous butts in shape!

spin class


For many individuals, the word “cardio” can be very intimidating, and often associated with running until you feel like puking. However, in times of endless snacking on holiday treats, cardio is necessary for burning all the fat you’ll be eating.

A cycle class is nothing short of strenuous, but may be a better workout for those who dislike running. Cycling is a low impact cardio workout, which is great for anyone looking to avoid injury, and still see awesome results. The average person burns anywhere from 400-700 calories in just one 45 minute workout!



Ankle Tubing.

Do you tube? This uh-mazing toning tool (found in the Fall Box!) works wonders in giving you those toned legs you’ve always wanted (so you can flaunt those stems in your holiday dresses!).

It’s size makes the ankle tube convenient to do a short workout anywhere, at anytime of the day! Don’t be deceived by it’s tiny size though because this equipment will have you breaking a sweat in just five minutes of use–perfect for when you can’t make it to the gym!



High-Intensity Yoga Classes.

Yoga can be a hit or miss workout, because of all the different types of classes available these days. Yoga that is not only stress-relieving but fat-burning, is what you should be participating in for the best results.

Our favorites include: Bikram Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, and Core-Power Yoga. These high-instenisty yoga classes are effective heart-pumping workouts that also work to make people strong, flexible, and overall content. Once you start learning all the poses, you can even practice yoga at home at your own convenience!


Barre Method.

The ever-so popular Barre Method has become a hit these past couple of years and for good reason. It may look like people just balancing on their tip-toes while holding a bar, but it’s soo much more than that.

The movements in a barre class are very small and concentrated, and are done for a long period of time to really work on changing the shape of your body (for the better)! Say goodbye to inner thigh fat and say hello to a nice firm booty!

xx, The FabFitFun Team