We can bet that a lot of your New Year’s resolutions sound something like, “I’m going to lose 10 pounds,” “I’m going to fit in my skinny jeans,” and “I’m going to cut out carbs.” Well ladies, what if your New Year’s resolution took a slight shift in thinking to “I’m going to practice loving my body.”

Changing the way we look at our bodies is no easy feat, especially when we are plied with images of gorgeous, seemingly perfect models and celebs at every click on the Internet. The truth is, as cliché as it sounds, our imperfections make us who we are, and we all have imperfections (except for maybe Gisele).

Here are some tips to start changing the way we look at our bodies and embracing them just as they are.

1. Follow body positive Instagrammers. It’s easy to follow celebs and models on Insta and live in envy of their glamorous lives. Instead, let’s follow women who are out to change the way we see ourselves. Some suggestions of people to follow to get you started include: @nourishandeat, @annavictoria, @iamthatgirl, @balancednotclean, @amalielee, @healthyisthenewskinny, and @negharfonooni.

2. Say a daily affirmation. Whether it’s in a journal or on a Post-It note on the mirror, create a positive statement you can repeat to yourself daily. It can be anything from, “I am beautiful,” to “I am more than what I see in the mirror,” and to “I love my legs.” Tell your body what you might tell a friend. After all, you should make friends with yourself.

3. Set an alarm on your phone. You can set an alarm for a variety of reasons. It can be to remind yourself to knock off the negativity or to remind yourself to repeat your affirmation. By the time lunch rolls around you have probably said some pretty harsh things to yourself and setting an alarm can remind you to snap out of it!

4. Celebrate small victories. Did you reach for the grilled chicken today instead of three pieces of pizza? Did you spend an extra ten minutes curling your hair? Pat yourself on the back and be proud of the willpower you practiced. The more you make decisions that make you feel good the easier they will be!

5. Practice gratitude. So you couldn’t run the four miles you had planned this morning and only ran two? Be grateful your legs can carry you that far and that your lungs provide you the oxygen you need. Sometimes just thinking about how hard our bodies work for us changes our perspective real fast.

6. Join a love your body challenge. These girls at Girls Gone Strong have the right idea. These ladies took extremely vulnerable pics of themselves to show how even those that are “fit” and have “perfect” bodies have imperfections and insecurities too. They have set up a free seven day challenge for anyone interested in joining a community of women with the same purpose!

xx, The FabFitFun Team