Working out is essential to keeping our body healthy — we all know that! We go to the gym every week, we try to get our 10,000 steps in every day, we remind ourselves to drink water…but when’s the last time you worked out your vagina?

That’s right, giving your lady parts a good workout is just as important as toning your abs and butt. (Maybe even more important!)


But how exactly do you exercise your vagina? Meet Elvie, the gadget that totes itself as “your most personal trainer.” Elvie helps you not only work out your kegels (aka pelvic floor muscles), but also makes sure you work them out correctly. You simply insert the pebble end of the device into your vagina and leave the flat part out. Then the Elvie app guides you through a quick five-minute exercise as it simultaneously keeps track of your workouts.

Why should you exercise your pelvic floor muscles? Not only will it heighten your sexual experience, it can also help with bladder control, your core strength (especially after having a baby), and help prepare your body for strains of pregnancy, aging, and impact sports.

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xx, The FabFitFun Team