What’s green and tasty and makes your skin gorgeous?

Avocados, of course! We love this delish and healthy fruit, and one of our fave ways to enjoy it? As guacamole, duh.

We’ve got some tips to help you become the queen of guacamole at every summer party.

Picking the avocados
You want ripe, creamy avocados. Haas Avocados work wonderfully. Hold one in your hand and gently squeeze it. Does it give in slightly to the pressure? Then it’s ready to eat. Finding a ripe avo can be hard, so shop a few days ahead. Then, put the avocados out at room temperature to ripen, or store ripe ones in the fridge for a few days.

Bonus: Speed up the process by placing your dark-green-skinned fruits in a brown paper bag along with a banana or apple.

How to peel an avocado
You want your guac to be tasty, but also the healthiest possible, right?

Research says the good-for-you-stuff is most concentrated in the areas of the pulp closest to the peel. That’s why we love the “nick and peel” method by the California Avocado Commission.

Must-dos for making uh-mazing guac

  • Fresh, fresh, fresh. You want ingredients that are the freshest of the fresh. This means raw garlic, fresh cilantro, fresh-squeezed lime juice, and chopped onions (red onions taste great, boost health, and add a pop of color). We also like to add a bit of fresh chili, jalapeno, habanero, or serrano peppers, and a sprinkle of fresh scallions on top.
  • Leave it chunky. Chunkiness is rarely a think we want to aspire to. But when it comes to guac, chunky is better. The best way to do this is to use a fork to mash the avocado, just don’t get mash-happy. You can still use a food processor if you have one, but don’t over-process the ingredients.
  • Add more ingredients. Guac can be made simply. But why not amp it up with some extra goodies? Like tofukalehummusquinoachia seeds, or maca. Or, hey, some tequila and pomegranate!

How to keep your guac from turning brown

  • Leave the seed in your mixture when done.
  • Cover your guac with about 1/2 inch of lukewarm water and refrigerate for up to 24 hours. Then when you’re ready to serve, pour off the water and stir.
  • You can also cover the guac with plastic and pat it down so there isn’t any air between the wrap and the dip. Then, seal with a lid and store it for up to three days.

Remember, the calories and fat can add up quickly, so serve yours with some baked tortillas chips or, even better, some vegetable crudités or lettuce leaves.

xx, The FabFitFun Team