No stranger to an intense workout, Amanda Russell wasn’t always a fitness guru. She started her career as an elite athlete, training to run the 10,000m at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. But when a career-ending injury threatened to destroy her future, Amanda proved that being a true champion is about more than just winning a race.

Amanda’s strength of mind, spirit, and body helped her overcome her injury and led to the creation of a entire online fitness and lifestyle community, including everything from an interactive website and training program, to a mobile app and popular YouTube channel. We love her can-do attitude toward fitness and the fact that she strives to empower people in all aspects of their lives by harnessing what motivates them and using it to help them conquer each day.

On her personal website, Amanda shares some of our fave nutritional tips, healthy recipes, and exercise regimens. The fast, calorie-burning workouts on her YouTube channel have been known to kick the butt of more than one FabFitFun staffer, but it’s all worth it for a body even half as fit as hers.

She might not be an Olympic athlete anymore, but Amanda’s dedication to health, fitness, and helping women love their bodies makes including her as one of our fave bloggers an absolute no-brainer!

xx, The FabFitFun Team