Get Fit While Watching Your Favorite TV Shows

As we unwillingly usher in the cold and let go of summer Fridays, the fall TV gods have given us something to smile about: 34 new shows and no real reason to leave the living room couch.

Thanks to take-out, email, and Facebook, maintaining life’s essentials are totally doable from the comfort of our own La-Z-Boys. It’s even possible to get in shape without missing a minute of our favorite show!

Seriously, working out while watching TV isn’t some couch potato urban legend, and professional trainer Jason Keigher proves it with exercises timed perfectly for any short sitcom or full-length drama!

During the TV Show:

60-Minute Episodes: Stay in motion for all four of the show’s 11-minute segments. Change cardio moves with each segment to avoid boredom and monitor your heart rate to confirm a steady pace (aim for the middle of your range).

Try these:
Jogging in place
Back-to-back sets of jumping jacks
Dancing (preferably to the tunes of Glee)

30-Minute Episodes: Half-hour programs run in three seven-minute segments, which means cardio should become more intense and heart rate increased. Make every second count!

Try these:
Running in place
Jumping rope
Step aerobics

During Commercial Breaks:

Break (OK, pun intended) for 30-second sets of strength training moves. Commercials last three to four minutes, so switch moves with each new advertisement to tone arms, legs, and abs!

Try these:
Push ups
Tricep dips
Leg lifts
Burpees (if you dare!)

Skip the gym membership and your only expense will be the cable bill! And one rule of thumb — if you’re watching The Walking Dead, move faster than the zombies.

xx, The FabFitFun Team