I feel so lucky to get to go to all different kinds of events. Whether it’s a baby shower, a daytime luncheon, or a glam after-party — I always want to look my best! Below is a list of my must-have essentials for getting ready for any event.

1. Eden Salon: This salon has a warm, inviting vibe and the stylists are some of the best in the business. Due to some unexpected rain, I found myself the victim of flat hair. Quite the predicament when you have an event in a few hours! Eden got me in immediately, did a quick re-curl and within 30 minutes, and I was good to go. And the cost was only $20 plus tax and tip. My favorite stylist is Anya. She is the lady responsible for my glam Golden Globes messy updo. This is my favorite place for a quick style or cut for a special event.

2. Blushington: Oh Blushington, how did I ever live without you? This is the perfect place to get any kind of makeup done. Need a full face? Done. Need just a little touch up to get you through the day? No problem! The venue itself is so cute that I want to recreate it in my own home. I highly recommend the membership packages. I personally have the The Debutante Membership: two makeup applications a month for only $55 per month.


3. Beauty Blender: I was never one to wear foundation until I discovered the Beauty Blender. Wet it, pat it on, and you look like you have the most perfect, luminous skin. These sponges have changed the way I do my makeup…and they are now one of my favorite gifts for friends and colleagues.

4. Benefit Concealers: There are a couple of items that are crucial for the perfect party makeup and they are my Benefit concealers. Since I’m used to late nights and I need makeup that has to last…I have tried many, many brands and Benefit wins, hands down. It’s creamy, easy to apply, and lasts all night. I may be exhausted on the inside, but my face won’t show it.

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5. Nars Orgasm Blush: If you give Nars Orgasm blush to five friends with five totally different skin tones, I swear it will look amazing on all of them. This is a must for any event since it gives you that perfect flushed and blushed look, without looking too heavy or made up. I often have to go from the office straight to an event, and with a quick brush of Nars Orgasm I look refreshed and ready to have fun.

6. Jumpsuits: How do I put this….I am obsessed with my jumpsuits. I started out with one and now I have a closet full!! My two favorites brands right now are Veronica M and DVF. They are comfortable, flattering, and you can dress them up or down. I wore a great DVF spaghetti strap to the 2015 Grammys. Change your jewelry, your hair, and you have a whole new look. Obsessed!

7. Lipsticks: For an event, I currently have two go-to lipsticks. Lately, I have been wearing either bright coral for a nice pop or a more muted berry. My favorites are:

  • Laura Mercier Bronzed Berry. This shade is the perfect berry — just the right amount of pink without being overboard. It also looks great on a variety of skin tones.
  • L’Oreal 188 Coral Tattoo. This is the perfect pop of bright color. I love the texture and because it’s a stain, it lasts all night.

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