Brr! Looks like this winter might be a real-life version of Frozen. (And we’re hoping for a real-life version of Kristoff to keep us warm.)

But in case you don’t have a big, hunky lumberjack to heat things up with, you’ll want something else to keep you toasty through the season. And when it comes to winter accessories, we’re all about the ear muff!

Yep, this season we’ve seen a revival of the classic fur ear muff (though we prefer faux fur), and more modern ear warmers. Not only are they fashion-forward, but these accessories are functional too, keeping you comfortable even in frigid temps.

Check out our picks for winter’s cutest ear muffs and ear warmers and you’ll be saying, “the cold never bothered me anyway.”


Anthropologie Faux Fur Ear Muffs $29.95
Get ready to fall in love. These faux fur ear muffs have a gorgeously detailed headband, and come in five beautifully rich colors. Talk about a faux-mance.


Urban Outfitters Coal the Josie Ear Warmer $37
This ear warmer may look fancy, but you’ll be cozier than ever in the lambswool, angora knit band.


Top Shop Fairisle Headband $10.00
We love the old country feel of a cute fairisle print knit. This uh-dorable headband is also wallet-friendly (yay!).


Urban Outfitters Embellished Ear Warmer $28
Channel your inner Daisy Buchanan with this wide-rib knit ear warmer adorned with gorgeous sparkling beads. A little cold front never killed nobody!


UGG Classic Knit Ear Muffs $76
They keep your toes nice and toasty, so of course the makers of UGGs know a thing or two about keeping your ears warm as well. These ear muffs are made of genuine sheepskin and even feature an audio port so you can keep the tunes and “cold calls” coming in!


Krochet Kids “The Edith” $21.95
A new take on the typical crocheted headband, this knit version comes with two wooden buttons to adjust it to fit perfectly. Wear it wider with your hair down, or pull it tighter when your hair is up!


Urban Outfitters Metallic Thread Ear Warmer $19
When we were kids we loved putting tinsel from the Christmas tree in our hair. Now we’re getting the same shiny effect with this uh-dorable metallic thread ear warmer!


Free People Winters Fur Earmuff $19.95
Quit whining about your chilly ears and cover up with these divine wine-colored faux-fur ear muffs! With a metallic black fabric band (say that five times fast), you’ll be too stylish to complain!


Urban Outfitters Fur Ear Warmer $14.99
Is this ear warmer fur real?! Nope — it’s actually faux real. And it is perfect for the gal who likes to go to excess.


Diane Von Furstenberg Toscana Ear Muff $134.40
Snow bunny? More like snow leopard! Show off your fierce fashion sense with these luxe ear muffs made from soft shearling.

xx, The FabFitFun Team