The term detoxing means to rid the body and mind of toxic substances. Between the chemicals in makeup and social media (yes, too much Instagram can be unhealthy!), you’re most likely in need of a good detox sesh. From a digital detox retreat to journaling, check out these five fun ways to free your mind that don’t involve a juice cleanse.

Eating Cleanse

Try an eating cleanse

Can’t survive a three-day juice cleanse but looking to give your body a healthy break? Try an eating cleanse instead. “[It’s] designed to eliminate inflammatory, difficult to digest, allergenic foods from your diet while providing your body with ample nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants,” relays PALETA founder Kelly Boyer.

It’s also easier to keep up with healthy eating with since you actually consume foods vs. just drinking juice. “It has nothing to do with deprivation,” says Boyer. “It’s about fueling your body with clean, unprocessed food to allow it to operate at it’s most efficient.” If you don’t have time to make meals at home, try one of PALETA’s farm to table meal delivery plans.


Makeup FreeGo makeup-free for a week

Whether you choose to go makeup free for a day or a full week, you’ll notice several positive changes. For starters, letting your skin breathe will be one of the best things you can do for a radiant, glowing complexion. There’s a good reason as to why the Korean beauty regimen is skincare focused. They believe that if you have healthy skin from the start that you won’t need to use that much makeup.

Other perks include not having to wake up as early, looking younger because you won’t be caking on foundation to any fine lines or wrinkles, having lighter luggage (because that small makeup bag can be so heavy sometimes), and most importantly, being comfortable in your own skin.


Drink TeaReplace coffee with tea

Tea has been touted for centuries for having major health benefits such as “greater immunity, improved cognitive functions, a decreased risk of cardiovascular problems, less fatigue, lower blood pressure, a slowing of the aging process, and reduced stress,” says Kristina Richens, Minister of Commerce for The Republic of Tea.

Looking to make the switch but still need a morning boost? “Containing slightly more caffeine than a cup of coffee, the natural caffeine and L-Theanine found in green tea extract and tea leaves combine to give you a hearty, calming boost, plus the antioxidant benefits of tea, without the harsh caffeine buzz other beverages tend to bring,” she says. The Republic of Tea even has a HiCAF line of teas dedicated to those looking for an “extra charge in their day.”



Social DetoxGo on a digital detox

Rancho La Puerta, located in Tecate, Mexico, is the perfect place to digitally detox. The resort encourages guests to leave their devices at home prior to your visit and there are no televisions in the rooms. Going a step further, there is very limited cell service and Wi-Fi is only available in a few lounges throughout the property. Enjoy over 25 miles of hiking trails, endless fitness classes, and spa treatments instead.

“We are often so distracted by incoming information and our need to immediately respond that we are not present with ourselves; body, mind, nor spirit,” states Barry Shingle, the resort’s Director of Fitness and Guest Activities. “A digital detox provides a healthy opportunity to mindfully reconnect; to savor the food we eat, feel subtle movements within our bodies, and reacquaint ourselves with all that goes on within us spiritually.”


JournalWrite in a journal

You probably had a journal in middle school where you wrote about secret crushes, being angry with your best friend, and so on. Who didn’t? But journaling as an adult is actually a great way to bring thoughts that are cluttering your mind to paper. And also a huge stress reliever. Keeping a journal on your nightstand is also smart, as many people have million dollar ideas and thoughts while they’re sleeping.

xx, The FabFitFun Team