Let’s face it: working at a desk can get…well, boring at times. Maybe not everyone agrees with me mentally, but physically I am sure your body thinks it’s bored, yearning for movement! Make that body come alive with some exercises you can do while at your desk. Stimulating the body can stimulate the mind too. It may seem like you are taking away from your work, but what if I said it may actually make you more productive afterwards! With the contraction of muscles and the increased blood flow, your body and mind will be geared up and ready to fire off those documents that must get out the door by 5 p.m.!

1. The Secret Butt Squeeze
Yup, that’s right. This one will probably go completely unnoticed to those around you, unless a certain noise from a certain somewhere sneaks out as well. Be careful and keep it all in, nice and tight.

Sitting up right nice and tall, abs pulled in, chest up, squeeze your butt, forcing your cheeks to come together. You may bounce up a bit and if so, great job! Hold the squeeze for five seconds before you release. Repeat 10-15 times or periodically throughout the day!


2. Cheeky Chair Touches
Push your chair back away from your desk to make enough room for you to be able to stand in front of your chair. Keeping your chair a few inches behind you…if you have a rolling chair I recommend putting the brakes on those wheels, you are going to lower your booty towards the ground by bending at the knees. Make sure your knees do not move forward. You should be able to look down and see your toes. Keeping your chest lifted and gaze at the wall directly in front of you, lower down until your cheeks graze the seat of the chair.  Once you feel the chair under your cheeks, press your weight into the heels of your feet and stand straight back up. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times.  Add in a challenge by only using one leg at a time to lower down.


3. Rocking the Couch
This can be performed in your work chair or on a couch. The couch will allow a greater range of motion. Bring your bottom to the edge of the couch. Hands are placed on each side of the body on the couch with your finger tips gripping the edge. Lift your chest and extend your legs straight out in front of you at couch height. Lifting your legs up will also drop your upper body back into a 45 degree angle.  Keeping the abs pulled into the spine, draw the knees into your chest then extend the legs back straight out.  Hold your legs straight out lifted off of the ground for a few second before drawing your knees back in.

Repeat 10-15 times

4. Praying to the work gods
Sitting up nice and tall in your chair (chest up, stomach pulled into your spine, back not resting on the back of the chair), place the palms of your hands together in a prayer position in front of your chest.

Press your hands together as hard as possible, you should feel your chest contract. Hold this press for five seconds before releasing. Repeat 10-15 times.

5. Hamstring Races
Well, you probably can’t technically race a co-worker down the halls of your office, but hopefully there is some space or a hallway you can get away with doing this little number that will leave your hamstrings burning.

In your wheeled office chair, find space or a hallway in which there is carpet on the floor.

Sitting up nice and tall with your back away from the chair, you are going to move the chair forward by use of your legs.

Using one leg at a time, reach a foot forward-dig the heel into the ground using the strength of your hamstring to move the chair forward. Repeat with the other foot. Make sure you are not leaning forward as to gain momentum to move forward.

Repeat 10 times on each leg.

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