Is it just us, or does it seem like the majority of movies coming out of Hollywood lately are anything but original? This year alone, rumors ran rampant over a possible Goonies reboot, Chris Pratt was reported to be reviving Indiana Jones, and a new, all-female Ghostbusters flick is already on the way.

We kinda get it — ’80s nostalgia is having a moment, which is what big-wig movie execs are banking on. Because if a movie made buckets of money once, it likely will again. But, for the love of whatever is holy, can we all agree that some ‘80s movies are just too perfect and pure to be remade? Movies like…

184930_200859059924414_7293797_nSixteen Candles and every other John Hughes movie…ever
Hughes’ movies are such gems, we can’t pick just one. From Sixteen Candles to The Breakfast Club to Pretty in Pink, few films have captured that raw, emotional teen angst so perfectly. So don’t ruin it by trying to redo it, okay?

11114730_923803957675651_7757426928497564439_nFast Times at Ridgemont High
School never looked as fun as in this ‘80s romp starring a slew of then unknown actors, such as Sean Penn, Nicolas Cage, and Forest Whitaker, among others. Wonder whatever happened to them…

11206138_961591157186055_5202163999685868572_nBack to the Future Triology
The original may have received the sequel treatment twice, but we can rest assured that no reboot will happen anytime soon. Filmmaker Robert Zemeckis went on the record this year to assure fans that the legendary trilogy is safe from prying copycat hands “until both Bob [Gale] and I are dead.” Long live Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale!

10665354_880866561943574_850456372300374965_nE.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
There are enough alien movies out there to keep us satisfied for a lifetime. Do not phone E.T., Hollywood. He’s finally home. Leave him alone.

1470400_10152082547767432_1977675553_nThe Princess Bride
Say it with us now, a revamp is “inconceivable!” This ’80s classic is exactly “as you wish” it would be and doesn’t need to be touched.

1240423_811495088878627_507314670_nWhen Harry Met Sally
The only remake we condone of this movie are the ones done by giddy tourists who flock to Katz’s Deli to fake an orgasm. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan do not need a revamp, so please leave it.

11535847_978895295462796_6543809054886653844_nField of Dreams
This classic family film brings back the ghosts of baseball legends past. They should stay in the past and not be disturbed again. If you build a do-over, we don’t want to come to it.

Tom Hanks’ wish in this forever favorite was to be “big.” Ours is to keep this one safe for always. His came true and gave us two hours of great entertainment. Here’s to hoping our wish will come true!

10885572_753072878109247_6315974074962392049_nA Christmas Story
There’s a reason why TBS plays this movie every year on Christmas for 24 hours a day. Because it’s perfect and does not need to be revamped.

troopbevhillsTroop Beverly Hills
We adore this cult classic about a fictitious league of Girl Scouts starring Shelley Long and some crazy high shoulder pads. “Beverly Hills! What a thrill!”

541858_379053818801376_825696874_nAn Officer and a Gentleman
Who hasn’t dreamt of being rescued from a nightmare job by their one true love, carried out to a sweeping ‘80s song while everyone applauds? The closing scene of this movie is everything. Don’t touch it.

208445_218201271530633_8357766_nStand By Me
We love a good coming of age story. Many have tried to emulate a similar theme, but few stand the test of time so resolutely. Take a hint, Hollywood.

xx, The FabFitFun Team