As we get older (and start to drive on the 405 in Los Angeles, CA) we start to use a little more “colorful” language. And now, there are adult coloring books that help us take out our aggression in a totally harmless (even artistic) way.

Sarah Bigwood, a genius from Chelmsford, England, has created the “Sweary Word Coloring Book” specifically for those of us with potty mouths. Each page contains a big, beautiful bad word waiting to be vibrantly brought to life.
Swear Words Coloring Book 2

Sarah originally began selling the pages individually on her Etsy page, PixieRahDesigns, but seeing a growing demand from sailors, truckers, and 28-year-old FabFitFun writers, she launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a full coloring book.

Swear Words Coloring Book 5

The book is spiral bound and contains 20 different swear words and phrases (many of them British), to help you get through each and every one of “those days.” In fact, did you know that coloring for adults has been found to relieve stress?!

Swear Words Coloring Book 4

And the best news? For only £10 you can get a copy of the adult coloring book, help fund Sarah’s Kickstarter, and get all of your aggression out without getting fired from your job. (Unless of course you post your artwork in your cubicle.)

Swear Words Coloring Book 3

Now if only we could figure out a way to color while driving.

xx, The FabFitFun Team