Ever see a green concealer on the shelf and wonder what the heck it does? How about a purple primer? These colors are not just for avant-garde looks — they can actually correct and conceal imperfections when utilized properly.

Maybe you kind of get the concept, but you don’t have the color wheel memorized. Well, you’re in luck! I know a few super simple tricks to help you remember.

  • Red/Green: Think Christmas colors! Green will neutralize any of your red skin issues like acne, rosacea, broken capillaries, etc. If you have a lot of redness, you might want to go with an allover green product like Smashbox Color Correcting Photo Finish Primer. If you just have a random pimple, you can use something like the Maybelline Green Cover Stick for a more targeted application.
  • Blue/Orange: Think Florida Gators colors! In most cases, the blue discoloration will be underneath your eyes. You might also have some veins that need covering. For this, I recommend Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealer. It will neutralize that blue immediately!
  • Purple/Yellow: Think LA Lakers colors! This is probably the first and last time I’ll ever make multiple sports references in a post. I swear, these color association tricks will really help though! Any purple eye bags, bruises, or similar discolorations can be concealed with a yellow product. I live for Joe Blasco’s Special Yellow corrective highlighter. Conversely, if you have really sallow skin and want to correct the yellow, you can use a purple hued product.

I subconsciously just taught you how to properly tone hair color and how to be a painter, too. You’re welcome!

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