If you’re anything like me, it’s easy to come up with an excuse not to workout. I’ve gotten very creative over the years with the excuses I tell myself, and my friends. I’ve said everything from, “I have a fresh blow out” to, “I ate a lot at Sunday brunch and am still very full,” to the best line, “I walked like two miles yesterday so that counts.” The funny thing is, I actually do enjoying working out. It’s the logistics and planning that get me. I never enjoyed conventional gyms, but I did always love taking classes. The problem was, I would want packages to all different types of studios, which quickly adds up, and then I would forget which studios I had purchased packages at, how many classes I had left, and get too overwhelmed to even go.

In came ClassPlass. The answer to all of my workout woes. ClassPass is a one-stop clearing house for the city’s most coveted workout classes, it is my ticket into every popular studio with just a click of the button. For only $99/month, I have access to 10 classes of my choosing per 30-day period. If I wake up and feel like yoga by the beach, I can book a vinyasa flow class at Exhale. If I over-indulge over the weekend and need my ass kicked, I head down the street to Barry’s Bootcamp. If I am feeling aquatic, I can book a surf lesson at CampSurf. Literally every type of workout is now at my fingertips… or should I say, biceps?

If you live in LA, NYC, Boston, or San Francisco, you can sign up for ClassPass here.


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