Chinese New Year is almost here! This ancient holiday is full of fascinating traditions and is celebrated all over the world.

As with many celebrations, much of the festivities revolve around food. For Chinese New Year, families all over China get together for a massive reunion dinner. Not only is the food served delicious, but it is said to give you luck for the coming year!

Here are some of our favorite traditional dishes to bring in the Year of the Monkey!

0874da83c0cbec25b5a9a3a6fa44be6cHar Kau Bunnies
How amazing are these? Eating dumplings on the New Year represents wealth, and these little bunnies add even more luck, as they represent longevity.

Longevity-Noodles_vertical-HipFoodieMom.com_Longevity Noodles
Eating unbroken noodles over the New Year is said to give you a long life! Lucky for us, since noodles are our favorite.

chinese-braised-fish-10Whole Fish
Like dumplings, eating fish on the New Year represents wealth. However, it’s important not to eat the head or the tail!

chinese-new-year-cake-23New Year Cake
This simple, delicious cake’s name translates to “higher year”. It is a staple on most reunion dinner tables.

xx, The FabFitFun Team