The humidity and blistering sun can leave you craving a cure for the summer hair blues. When your lovely locks look frizzy, dry, and ready for a giant hat, it’s normal to want to hibernate until fall. Luckily, we have a better idea!

Summer 2011 is all about the braid. The look is fresh, pretty, and laid-back- but still put together. This season is less overly done milkmaid and more loose, relaxed hippie-chic. Yes, you could say these braids have gone wild!

Stars like Blake Lively, Jessica Alba and Nicole Kidman have all been seen rocking these adorable braids. Think fishtails, the messy French, a few mini braids and more!

With that in mind we chatted with senior stylist, James XX, at the Joseph Martin Salon on how to get this must-do summer style! It’s best to have a friend do the braiding, preferably at a sleep-over while talking about all the cutest boys in the seventh (just said 7th grade in the sports drinks article) grade. But if that can’t be arranged, just follow these easy steps:

  • Start with dry hair and apply a volumizing powder (available at JosephMartin) to create a good texture.
  • Back comb your hair lightly and smooth it out with your hands to create the messy look.
  • Braid your hair (you can do a standard, fishtail or French for this look). Then go back with a comb and break up the braid, depending on how messy you want it.
  • Fasten with a hair band and go!


xx, TheFabFitFun Team