Know someone who always has her nose in a book? Or someone who is always quoting a famous author? Stop wondering what you need to give them for the holidays that won’t be #regifted!

Check out our gift guide and you’re guaranteed to find something they’ll love.


Molskine Passion Journal Books $19.95
This notebook contains 240 pages for your book lover to jot notes about the latest book. It’s organized alphabetically and comes with stickers to give each report a little personality.


Mini Lumino+ $125
What do you do when you want to read your fave book but it’s totally dark? Get a Lumino! The book cover unfolds to create a super cool book lamp. Did we mention it charges your phone too?


Mojo Spa Polyjuice Potion Tea Blend $15
Any Harry Potter fan will feel like they’ve won the Triwizard Tournament when they open this gift. Mojo Spa created this brew with eight different herbs to make you feel like a totally different person after you drink it!


Think Geek Olde Book Messenger Bag $49.99
What’s the best way to declare yourself a book nerd? Tote around this bag! It also makes a perfect laptop case.


Out of Print East and West Egg: Gold Necklace $24
Pay homage to The Great Gatsby with this egg-shaped necklace. Give it to your BFF or your special someone to represent your love.


Anthropologie The Wonderful Wizard of Oz $25
Contemporary artists from around the world have illustrated classic novels like this one. Enjoy Dorothy’s adventures in vivid colors and striking designs.

Walmart Jane-A-Day 5-Year Journal $16.99
Whether they use it to chronicle their adventures or record their fave books, any Austen fan will love this journal. Each page features a classic Jane Austen quote so that each day is greeted with the famous author’s wit.


Bronte’s Wuthering Heights Booksi for iPhone $52
Replace that eyesore of a charging station with a beautifully decorated book. It conveniently holds and charges your iPhone so you’ll always be ready to go!


The Literary Gift Company Literary Britain Teatowel $13.58
Know someone who can’t get enough of the English literary scene? This hand-lettered towel represents some of the Great Britain’s best authors in a map of the area.


Anthropologie Cutest Canon Journal $16
Designed by Brooklyn artist Danielle Kroll, this journal is a glamorous re-imagining of famous novels. It’s the perfect notebook for grocery lists, bright ideas, and maybe even writing your own novel.


Frostbeard Studio Through The Wardrobe Soy Candle $16
Journey into the magical world of Narnia with this vegan candle. It contains notes of apple wood and spruce tree to make you feel like you’re in the forest with Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy.


Litographs Peter Pan by J M Barrie Tote $29
Each tote is made entirely from the book’s text and averages about 20,000 words. Keep it with you to remind you that all you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust.


Card Catalog-30 Notecards $19.95
Regular stationary is boring! Spice up your gift with this card catalog kit. Each notecard contains a quote from the Library of Congress’ literary collection.


Louisa May Alcott Literary Quote Slim Brass Cuff $33
Featuring a quote from Little Women, this handmade cuff is perfect for any book nerd. Plus, it easily adjusts to fit any wrist size and it comes already gift-wrapped. Talk about a stress free gift!

xx, The FabFitFun Team