by Dawn McCoy of BeautyFrosting

Hi, FFF femmes! Dawn McCoy of BeautyFrosting here. Today, I’m primping with
the sweet, generous, and beautiful Beth Stern. You may know a bit about Beth
from her husband: radio icon and America’s Got Talent co-host Howard Stern.
But I bet there’s a bunch you don’t know. I had the opportunity to catch up with
Beth — model, bestselling author, host of Nat Geo Wild’s Spoiled Rotten Pets
(which premieres April 20) and national spokesperson for North Shore Animal
League America
— for a girly chat on the phone last week. Instead of a scheduled
interview, I felt like I was talking with a girlfriend! We covered everything from
favorite beauty products to aging, to fitness, to Howard, to romantic advice, to our
beloved (and oh-so-spoiled-rotten) pets.

Hi, Beth! Sorry! My Maltese is barking in the background. Luckily, I know
you’re a big friend of animals. Tell me about the loves your life. I’m talking
about your animals, of course!

We have four cats right now and they were all rescued from North Shore Animal
League America
. Howard names all of our cats. (Laughing) It’s the one thing
he gets to do — name the pets when we adopt them! There’s Walter; Leon Bear
(who’s a 22 lb. black cat), our newest addition we adopted; Charlie; and then
Apple. Apple was dropped off at the North Shore Animal League America in an
apple box so we decided to name her Apple.

I love these names! OK, first things first: Are you a shower or a bath girl?
One-hundred percent bath girl. I love my bath.

Me, too! What is your ideal bath situation?
The lights are dim, I have candles lit, I have SiriusXM on in the background on
the station Coffee House (which is my favorite station— other than Howard 100,
but that’s in the mornings), and I just sit there in my tub and I read magazines.
That is just my favorite, favorite atmosphere to relax in.

I am with you 100%. As far as primping goes, what do you like to do while
getting ready?

A glass of red wine always calms me a little bit and just relaxes me. I love my red
wine! And again, SiriusXM Coffee House in the background and candles lit. That
seems to be my staple for getting ready. Just the lights, the music, and my wine!

What are the beauty products you just can’t live without?
I love La Prairie Anti-Age foundation with sunscreen, Cle de Peau concealer,
MAC Studio Fix powder, La Prairie blush, and Make-up Designory Dual Finish
bronzer. For lips, I loooove Laura Mercier Hazelnut Tea lip liner! I just fill in my
lips with it and then use the Mac Lip Gelée for my lip gloss for my everyday
look. I love Elnett Hairspray! DuWop bronzing lotion — I love that. Kerastase
Volumizer — I have a lot of fine hair, and when I use this volumizer, it works
wonders! And I love this Desert Essence Blemish Touch Stick! When I get a zit, I
zap it on and by the next day, the zit is gone. It is AWESOME! And my fragrance
right now is Chloe.

Your skin glows, Beth! Any skincare tips?
Oh, I have a little gem! I turned 40 and I’m noticing that I have those little
forehead wrinkles and little things like that. I have not succumbed to Botox as of
yet and have been using this Avon product, Avon Anew Clinical Line Filler, every
day. I’ve gotta say it works brilliantly! Every morning and night, I put it on my
forehead after I wash my face and it fills in those little lines. Sharing my secret
with you and the world, Dawn!

OK, now the question every woman out there wants to know: How do you
stay so fit?

(Laughing) I run. By running the NYC Marathon in 2008, I became a runner and
I think that’s what works the best for me and keeps my body the way I like it to
be. I’ll do some lightweights once or twice a week, but I probably run 3 miles five
days a week.

What’s your typical daily eating routine?
I am on a sugar-free diet. I used to be a sugar addict where I would eat gummy
bears and candy when I lived in Europe. I was younger then and it was OK to do
that, but as I’ve gotten older – and as I was training for the marathon — I realized
that a bag of gummy bears and a box of chocolate wasn’t going to properly fuel
me for 26.2 miles. So, during my marathon training, I decided to cut out sugar. By
doing so, my body really changed and I really liked the results so I haven’t really
gone back to sugar. And you know what? I don’t miss it at all so it’s been a really
good thing. I’ll pretty much eat anything that doesn’t have sugar in it. And I’ll
eat carbs, believe me— I eat tons of pasta! In the morning I eat these low-carb,
sugar-free breakfast bars, and for lunch I usually do a chopped salad, and I like
natural sugars like fruit.

What is the best advice you received from your mother?
Well, my mother always said when you lose something, pray to St. Anthony, and
St. Anthony has never let me down. I have Howard praying to St. Anthony when
he loses something and it never lets him down either, and Howard is Jewish! I
think that’s so great that St. Anthony takes care of everyone.

When did you start wearing makeup?
I started in high school, and I look back at those pictures and I think, “Oh, my
gosh, if I only knew!” Right now if I had that skin I would NEVER wear anything
on that face, you know? But that’s what the girls were doing. I will never forget
that blue eye shadow that I wore to one of our dances. It was very important that
I had my blue eye shadow on and that my bangs were teased and sprayed with
Aqua Net. I felt very cute that night and now, looking at the pictures, I just want to


Speaking of the awkward teen years, what advice would you give to your
13-year-old self?

OK. I was always the tallest in my class, and all the boys were a little bit shorter
than I was and it used to bum me out… being tall. But being tall has given me
such incredible opportunities so I would say to myself: “It’s OK that you are 5-
foot-10. Even though you are towering over the boys now, it’s actually going to
work for you. You’re going to be making your living because of your height.”

Yes! And you even met a man that’s taller than you, which is AMAZING!
I did, and I can wear stilettos and platforms. It’s fantastic!

OK, you are happily married to a beloved icon. What romantic advice would
you give to those still looking?

My advice to anybody is to not settle. I remember having serious boyfriends
where they were my best friends, but we didn’t have sexual chemistry or we had
sexual chemistry but we weren’t best friends. Something was missing. You can
have it all and that’s what I held out for. And I met someone where I am able to
experience all of it, and it’s been incredible!

I love all of that! And as a single person, I must say, hallelujah!
Good, that’s the part I am hoping people take away, I am so lucky and I feel that
so many women settle, and you can’t. Just be patient and you will get it.

I’m crossing my fingers. And what advice would you give those who are in
a relationship?

Just be appreciative of what you have. If you’re tempted, just think of what you
could possibly lose from one moment of thought. It’s not worth it.

What is your personal philosophy or mantra?
A smile gets started by another smile.

So sweet! And so true! What accomplishments are you most proud of?
The 2008 NYC Marathon where I raised money to benefit the North Shore
Animal League America was a really awesome moment in my life.

And speaking of North Shore Animal League America, is there anything
you want to say about that because you are the spokesperson?

Adopt from your local shelter because when you are adopting an animal, you
are saving a life. I am really proud to be the spokesperson for the largest no-kill
rescue organization in the world!

So good to hear! What are five words your best friends would use to
describe you?

Animal-lover, happy, optimistic, athletic and… I am tall.

All true! And I’ve only chatted with you for 30 minutes. OK, how about a
little word association? I’m going to give you a word, and just tell me what
first comes to mind!

Tempting: Sugar
No: Smoking; I hate smokers!
Yes: Adopt
Favorite: Life
Animals: Happy
Husband: Howard
True Love: Howard
Success: Howard
Happiness: Howard. He just makes me happy!

Any things you want us to know that you think people don’t know about

I think since he’s been on America’s Got Talent, people are getting a sense of
who he really is. I always thought that was my little secret! I think he is slowly
revealing himself as the big teddy bear he really is. I am just the luckiest girl in
the world.

Well he’s a lucky one, too, Beth! I know he has talked about that before. I
told my neighbor that I was interviewing you today and she was so excited.
She said, “Tell Beth we love her.”

Awww. That just made my day! You’re so easy to talk to!

Ditto! One last question: What would you like people to say about you
behind your back?

She is so nice.
I’m pretty sure that’s EXACTLY what they say, Beth.

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