Let’s face it, orgasms can be tough. Maybe you can only reach them during oral sex or maybe you can’t ever reach them during intercourse. Oh, and then theres that thing where you keep thinking about having one during sex and all the pressure makes your body say, “Nope.” Regardless, these little buggers are super fun and we want more of them!

Luckily, it may simply be a matter of the positions you’re encountering with your partner during sex. Changing things up a bit to ensure that your more pleasurable parts are stimulated (aka your clitoris and G-spot) is essential to reaching the big “O” every time you’re in the bedroom. These moves will show you how to take classic positions to the next level.

Cowgirl Lean
This western inspired classic is perfect for stimulating your G-spot. Simply hop on top of your guy and lean back, resting your hands on his knees. Switch between quick, short movements and long, slow ones and you and you’re partner will be in orgasm heaven.

Doggystyle With A Twist
Have your guy set up behind you as he normally would during doggie style. Next, take things up a notch by having him rub your clitoris while he thrusts in and out of you. The combination of stimulation will have you peaking in rapid time.

Spiced Up Missionary
Usually, when it comes to spicing things up in the bedroom, missionary isn’t our go-to. However, with a few twerks this move will provide all the elements you need to have an orgasm. Missionary is one of the most popular positions because it enables a couple to face each other, kiss and feel closer to one another while having sex. Once your man is inside of you, have him rock back and forth up against your Clitoris instead of going in a standard in and out motion. This position never has to be boring again!

xx, The FabFitFun Team