If there is such a thing as a fountain of youth, Bianca Lawson must swim laps in it every morning because girlfriend looks fabulous.

In fact, even though the actress recently celebrated her 34th birthday, she’s been playing the part of a teenager on TV for almost two decades! Yup, the gorgeous Los Angeles native’s teen-queen credits include Saved by the Bell: The New Class, Goode Behavior, Sister, Sister, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Steve Harvey Show, Dawson’s Creek,The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Pretty Little Liars, and The Vampire Diaries. Though she recently started “acting her age” as Ms. Morrell, on the hit show Teen Wolf, which just aired its finale and returns with all new episodes in January!

We chatted with Bianca to find out the scoop on how she stays so gorge! (And ask if we can swim in her fountain.)

You’ve been playing a teenager for almost 20 years now (starting with Saved by the Bell in 1994). There’s even a Buzzfeed article chronicling your anti-aging! Have you seen it?

Yes! I think its awesome and hilarious. I think its great.

You have to have some sort of secret to staying so youthful! How do you do it?

Ha! I wish! I live a pretty simple lifestyle- maybe that’s it. And genetics. I drink lots of water, and don’t have any real vices. I love green smoothies (specifically spinach and apple), and I don’t wear sunscreen (allergic to all SPF containing products)- so i don’t sunbath. I can be good and not good about exercise- when I do its simple like hiking, walking or using the elliptical, toning with light (3lb) hand weights… but ultimately i’m VERY inconsistent about it. I drink TONS of tea (white and green)- which is my main source of caffeine. I pretty much never drink coffee (it makes me sleepy and dehydrated feeling). I just started drinking Roobios tea (for a decaf option at night) which I find very relaxing. My lifestyle’s just very simple, nothing fancy or expensive. I don’t get facials or anything like that. I’m a fan of greek yogurt, and I use liquid stevia for my sweetener. I don’t take supplements, I prefer to get my vitamins and stuff from real food sources. I usually eat pretty light during the morning/day and have my biggest meal at night.

What must-haves are in your purse?

Keys, Cobalt 5 gum, water, black Jimmy Choo wallet, a small container of Dr. Bronners Peppermint Castill soap, baby wipes (for sensitive skin), vanilla Lip Smacker, Cetaphil cream, iPhone, I don’t usually wear perfume but I do have a tiny vial of rose oil (got at Whole Foods) and a Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy’ rollerball. I also have a plastic ziplock bag with assorted (just in case) random stuff.

Do you believe in splurging on expensive beauty products? Or do you think drugstore brands are just as good?

I almost exclusively use drugstore brands. I honestly have better results with the less expensive stuff- the simpler the better. I’m not against expensive stuff, if that’s the only thing that works as well for you and it’s like a holy grail product. But I absolutely do not think expensive equals better. Usually, it’s actually the opposite.

*Some of Bianca’s favorites include: Cetaphil Cream Cleanser, Dior Show mascara, Neutrogena Oil-free Eye Make-up Remover, Moroccan Oil or ‘Macadamia Natural Oil’ conditioner: ‘Macadamia Natural Oil’ Deep Repair Mask, Nature’s Therapy Mega Moisture or Biologe Smoothing shampoo.

You’re finally playing a non-teen, on the show Teen Wolf. Do your makeup artists do anything different now since you aren’t playing someone younger?

Well, technically, I’ve played more adults than teens as an adult. But it’s the younger characters or the younger skewing shows that end up being the most popular or getting the most attention. Which is fantastic. I’m happy to be on shows that get a lot of attention… Interestingly, make-up artists used to put way more make-up on me when I was younger. Now I actually wear far less make-up, which I prefer. I hate having tons of make-up on, and I pretty much never wear make-up in my day to day life.

xx, The FabFitFun Team