Today we’re kicking off a new column called Wanderlust Wednesday, which is — you guessed it — all about travel. Our first suspects? Hanna Axelsson and Ashleigh Powell, the aussie brains behind our favorite bucket list and wanderlust journals from Axel & Ash. They recently took an epic roadtrip from Hawaii to New York City in order to meet with potential new shop retailers along the way.

“We figured what better way to launch our books in the U.S than by going on an adventure and ticking off our bucket list items,” they said. And just like that, the duo hit the road. And since their Instagram gave us a case of the travel bug, we asked them to share their favorite highlights along the way.


A little slice of paradise ?

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Na Pali Coast in Kaua’i: “A beautiful 15-mile hike to Hanakapi’ai across the rugged coastline of Kaua’i. It was one of the most amazing hikes in the world. When you reach the 300-foot waterfall, you’ll pinch yourself before diving into the fresh water.”

Koko Head, Honolulu: “A crater rim where you can climb 1,048 stairs to get to the top. When you do eventually get there, it will be the best thing you did! The views are absolutely phenomenal.”

Paia, Maui: “Such a cute beach town we discovered. It’s right on the water, with tons of great cafes and boutique stores. A must visit town!”


W I N E . . . straight from the grapevine ??

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Napa Valley: “A must do, even if you aren’t a [wine-o]. All the towns are so cute and exploring the vineyards is really beautiful.”

Swing in San Francisco (Billy Goat Hill): “There is this amazing swing that overlooks the entire city of San Francisco. Sometimes it’s there, but sometimes it’s taken down by people who think it’s too dangerous. The area is worth visiting even if the swing isn’t there. Head up to the nearby Twin Peaks and you can see the most spectacular view of San Francisco. The best time is at sunset.”

❤️ H O L L Y W O O D ❤️ The land of dreams.

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Big Sur (Highway 1): “Driving down to LA from San Francisco, Highway 1 is the must-do way. It is one of the most amazing drives in the world and runs along the Pacific coastline. The views are panoramic and mesmerizing. A must visit spot to eat is Nepenthe. With a view over the ocean, it is the most magical experience sitting on the outdoor patio in front of the fireplace sipping Californian wine.”

Rollerskate down the boardwalk of Venice Beach: “It was so much fun to roller blade down the beautiful, long boardwalks of Venice beach, feeling free as a bird in our summer gear. We were even lucky enough to see Arnold Schwarzenegger biking, apparently he is a local.”

✖️Streets of L.A || Say YES today!✖️

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Arts district in LA: “A really cool place to visit in LA. Full of boutique stores, hip coffee shops, independent designers and art everywhere on the walls.”

Shopping in Abbot Kinney, Venice: “A long stretch of trendy, Indie retailers with the most beautiful and creative shop fronts. It’s also surrounded by some amazing hip restaurants. I could stay there for days, a real pleasure for the eye — a pain for the wallet, though.”


We got an RV!!! Named her ‘TASTY’!!! ??✌?️ #oitnb #tasty #roadtrip

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Swim in a hot spring in Aspen: “We were almost in Denver when we stopped at Glenwood to swim in the natural hot springs. We were in our RV, and we were thought ‘let’s stop here’ so we did. The hot, natural springs were surrounded by the massive Rocky Mountains. There was even a springboard. We felt like kids for an hour, even did our first springboard summersaults in like 15 years. Success! Can’t wait to come back for winter and slip into the hot springs when they’re surrounded by snow.”


Driving a convertible to the Grand Canyon: “On our last day in Vegas we decided to rent a convertible mustang and drive to the Grand Canyon in style. Wind blowing our hair, music up loud — we truly felt like we were free as birds!”

New York, New York Roller Coaster: “Stopping here was absolutely random, but we decided to stop and take the roller coaster ride before we left Vegas. Spontaneous, scary, and so much fun!”


Hello New Orleans! ?? …already falling for your colourful soul and good vibrations! ???????

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Dancing in a Jazz bar and eating Creole: “It was on Ash’s bucket list to ‘dance in a jazz bar in New Orleans’ and oh gosh, that was one cool experience. New Orleans is like another country as if you’re stepping back into the 50’s. With live music pouring out of every bar, the soul and heart of this town were just incredible. When you walk into the bars, people actually sit, watch, and listen to the musicians.”

Stroll down Magazine Street: “Full of funky boutiques and cafes. This street is a must to stroll down.”


HAWAII ——–> NEW YORK #55 – Roadtrip across the US ✔️

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Top of the Rock: “Best view of NYC up there.”

Visiting Harlem: “You really get a great sense of New York’s underground culture.”

?? I M A G I N E ?? Because the power of believing in your dreams is stronger than you think. ??

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Wandering Central Park: “It’s one of the most beautiful parks in the world. You can get lost in there for hours. Strawberry Fields was one of our favorite spots.”

Brooklyn & Williamsburg: “[You Definitely must explore these hoods! They are just so cool and full of amazing boutique stores and hip cafes.”

“From staying in a local shed to luxury hotels, driving around in Jeeps, a Dodge, multiple Mustangs, our beloved RV (“Tasty”), swimming with turtles, rollerskating the boardwalks of Cali, ending up in a sock commercial, performing with a Jazz band, getting invited to glamorous rooftop parties in NYC and hiking the world’s most dangerous trek barefoot, this trip has been unreal,” they said.

Thanks for sharing, ladies! We’re packing our bags as we speak.

xx, The FabFitFun Team