The American commuter spends 38 hours a year stuck in traffic. Your commutes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but before you get all “my life sucks” on us, we’ve got you covered! While you can’t change the fact that you have to commute every day, you can change the way you feel about it thanks to these seven tips to make your daily drive more bearable.

1. Tackle your reading wish list with books on tape. How many times have we said “I really want to read this book” only to get home from work and be more into what’s on reality TV than a riveting read? Try listening to the latest best seller on tape while you drive. It will make the time go by and make you more than prepared for your next book club!

2. Turn your ride into a karaoke bar car. If you ever wanted to be Mariah or Britney, now is your chance. Make a playlist that you adore and make it throwback Thursday in your car every day. Because why not? Or choose a different play list theme each day and have fun serenading yourself.

3. Try a moving meditation. For many of us, finding time to sit and quiet our minds is often hard and gets pushed to the back of our to do list (and often left off of it completely). Psychic medium Rebecca Rosen says, “There are so many benefits to meditation physically, emotionally, and spiritually! If you’re interested but the thought of sitting and getting completely quiet feels daunting, moving meditation is a great option.” She suggests long drives since it allows you to get into a zone. Try it as a way to clear your head before and after your hectic days and you might just find yourself looking forward to your commutes!

4. Have an arsenal of snacks. There is nothing worse (or scary) to be around than the combo of being hangry and stuck in traffic. Keep your car stacked with healthy snacks so you don’t end up screaming at your BF or tearing apart the nearest doughnut shop off the highway. Our latest obsession? Jilz Crackerz — they are gluten-free, Paleo- friendly, low calorie, and incredibly delicious to crunch on when you drive! Other great options: nuts or Matt’s Munchies!

5. Change up your route. Some routines are fab (like going to the gym every day!) but just like changing up your workout, it’s good to change up your drive. It keeps you on point and gives you the added benefit of new scenery. Win-win.

6. Bring a change of clothes. Is there anything worse than sitting in your tight work clothes for hours each day? Bring some comfy alternatives to change in to for your drive home. Bonus: change into workout clothes before you get in the car so you will drive yourself straight to the gym!

7.  Try an attitude of gratitude! It sounds corny but it works. Take a moment and instead of giving in to the tempting negative thoughts, remind yourself why you are grateful for the very commute you usually dread. Whether it’s being thankful for your car that takes you from one place to another, your eye sight so that you can see (and therefore drive), or the fact that you’re heading to a job you love that makes you feel fulfilled and pays your bills taking a moment to remind yourself why you’re thankful for your commute will make a change in your ’tude that is sure to last all day long.

xx, The FabFitFun Team