It might be one of our least favorite things to do during a busy week. The manual labor, the heat, the strenuous clean up — and don’t even get us started on danger of our clumsy asses using extremely sharp objects. Surprisingly, we’re not referring to our last Game of Thrones role-playing party when we accidently poked our man in his “private area” with our homemade wire hanger sword, we’re talking about our love-hate relationship with cooking.

Come on, ladies — we know you smell what we’re stepping in (luckily, it’s a pile of fresh roses)! We mean, seriously — cooking every single day? It’s exhausting!
So, what’s a fabulously fit yet cost-conscious chick to do? How about make meals that didn’t require any actual cooking? We know, right? Totally genius! And all you need to do is read on for five uh-mazingly tasty recipes that are sure to satisfy your hankering for fit-friendly food — without turning on an oven!


xx, The FabFitFun Team