Life can get stressful. While some workout or practice yoga to relieve stress (which we totally agree with), sometimes completely relaxing and resting is the perfect way to go. While we wish we had the cash to treat ourselves to the nicest spa, we know we cannot do this on a weekly basis. So we put together a little guide to the perfect relaxing bath that you can have right in your own bathtub.


1. Ease Your Environment
No matter what your bathroom design or style is, make your surroundings serene. Dim the lights, clear the clutter, and light some candles. Daniel Stone Candles are one of our absolute faves. They come in various soothing scents that will ease your stress in no time.


2. Exfoliate
Finding the perfect exfoliating peel is crucial for making your bath time even more relaxing! We are ub-sessed with the Juicy Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive. This product is so amazing it’ll totally look like you got an expensive facial!


3. Moisturize
Once you are finished with your amazing bath, prolong the experience by moisturizing when you get out. Lather AHA Hand Crème is our ultimate pick because it leaves your hands feeling silky smooth and comfortable. The perfect ending to your calming experience.

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xx, The FabFitFun Team

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