YouTube Beauty Stars

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These must-follow gurus will lead you to makeup nirvana


Michelle Phan

With over 552 million views on her channel and a sweet partnership with Lancome, Michelle Phan is the queen of beauty tutorials. Michelle’s expertise covers the beauty gamut, whether it’s recreating Lady Gaga’s Poker Face look or making homemade pore strips.

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From her chipper attitude and gorgeous smile, you’d never guess that Cassandra is a longtime sufferer of acne. In the video that put her on the beauty map, Cassandra appears sans makeup and goes through her step-by-step foundation routine. Part artist and part magician, Cassandra teaches you how to erase skin imperfections along with imparting the greater message of being comfortable in your own skin.

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Holly Ann-AeRee

This product junkie’s monthly videos on product hits and misses are a great way to discover new beauty items in a range of prices, from high-end to drugstore. Plus, she’s got great tutorials on creative yet accessible looks like Peacock eyelids or an everyday smoky eye look.

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We love a gal who gets down and dirty, and by that we mean being blunt when it comes to not-so-fun beauty topics, like dark underarms. Check out our fave Andrea tutorials on DIY dandruff treatment with Listerine (yep, Listerine) and how to remove hair with an epilator.

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AllThatGlitters21 and JuicyStar07

Elle and Blair are a pair of beautifying sister gurus (yes, actual sisters, not sorority ones) with fierce tutorials on anything from basic makeup for beginners to how to style your hair like Taylor Swift.

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You gotta love someone who can poke fun of herself and carry on the S*&t Beauty Gurus Say torch.

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Posted on May 1, 2012

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