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    Workout Wednesdays: Find your zen to ease your troubles


    by The Workout Girl

    Does your stressful work week leave you bingeing on junk food and watching a Real Housewives marathon? While this tactic may temporarily make you feel better, it’s not really a healthy strategy to relieve stress. Instead, try these three fun fitness activities to channel your stress while getting healthy.

    Find Your Inner Yogi
    Practicing yoga forces you to focus on your body in order to maintain active poses and stretches. Coupled with deep breathing, yoga can help to both clear your mind and relax you. Bonus: Yoga can help to improve your flexibility…which is also a bonus for your boyfriend when you hang out in the bedroom.

    Kick Some Ass
    Take a kickboxing class. Releasing your frustrations on an innocent punching bag is both cathartic and empowering. Also, a punching bag can’t assign you a new, time-sensitive project at 5:30 p.m. on a Friday.

    Hit the Dance Floor
    Blast your favorite dance tunes on your iPod and have a sweaty dance party. Not only will your favorite tunes put you in a feel-good mood, but you’ll also be getting in a workout while you channel your inner Beyonce.

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    Posted on February 20, 2013 in Health


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