Foods that Speed Up and Increase Your Metabolism
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    Eat this and burn more calories…say what?!

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    by The Workout Girl

    There are so many benefits of regular exercise… there are the obvious health benefits, the added bonus of weight loss, and also the boost of endorphins that’s cheaper than therapy.

    Exercise can even speed up your metabolism, but did you know that there are foods out there that do this too? I kid you not. Especially because WebMD says so, and then I know it must be true! So stock your fridge chock full o’ these goodies that WebMD recommends, and watch your metabolism go from “Slo-Mo” to “Go! Go! Go!”

    Eat Your Vegetables

    Foods that are full of fiber (like vegetables) are a great way to increase your metabolism. The body expends a lot of energy to break down veggies for digestion, which gives your metabolism a nice boost.

    Something Smells Fishy

    WebMD recommends eating fish. The omega-3 fatty acids in fish may speed up your metabolism, and fish oil actually increases fat-burning enzymes in your body. Amazeballs.

    A Tea For Me

    A compound in green tea has been shown to increase metabolism. As does caffeine, which stimulates the central nervous system to boost metabolism. So find your inner zen and relax with a cup of hot tea.

    Want more ways to get your metabolism in gear? Boost your metabolism the old-fashioned way (with exercise, duh!) by checking out workouts that you can do at home at

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    Posted on September 19, 2012 in Health


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