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    Imaginative wardrobe makeovers that won’t cost you a dime

    Hike up Your Skirt

    OK, not like that. Hike up a long skirt to the chest, and voilà, you have a nifty tube dress. If you feel like you’re drowning in your new gown, try adding a belt at your natural waist.

    Scarf it Down

    Take advantage of a pashmina’s versatility. Stylist Alexandra Suzanne Greenawalt said there are literally hundreds of ways to tie scarves. “I like to wear my scarves as belts, but they can be a top, skirt, head wrap, headband, and more.”

    Scarf It Down

    A few more pics of different styling options for all your fab scarves! We love to turn scarves into a belt or a head wrap.

    No More Plain White Tees

    Vanessa likes pairing her classic, solid-colored tops with huge or long necklaces, and the more the merrier! That boring tee just became embellished. Booyah!

    Mix and Match

    Who says that dress has to be a dress? For example, by wearing a flowy skirt on top of short dress, suddenly, you’re wearing a two-piece outfit: dress as a top, flowy skirt as bottom, and sexy you underneath! It’s perfect for cooler temps!

    Think Backwards

    Redefine what the “front” of your outfit is. “Take your cropped, slim-fitting cardigan, button it up completely, turn it around, and wear it as a top,” advised personal fashion consultant Vanessa Valiente

    Posted on February 16, 2012


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