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How to work the menswear trend


The look: pageboy caps

While you may originally have encountered this look during a summer spent caddying to pay off student loans, the pageboy cap is actually quite popular off the golf course as well! Pair with stud earrings for an absolutely ace look.


The look: fitted vests

We’re still not exactly sure what the original purpose of the vest was (hello, it doesn’t keep your arms warm!), but nowadays it looks totally fab with a button-down dress and heels!


The look: polo shirts

Tuck a loose polo into a miniskirt for the perfect balance of feminine and masculine. We won’t tell if you “borrow” this item from a certain someone!


The look: Tweed trousers

These are as fun to wear as they are to say (it makes us feel so British!). Balance them out with a flowy blouse and a pearl necklace.


The look: Oxford shoes

Finally, comfortable meets cute! Pair these with lace rather than plaid to avoid the schoolgirl (er, boy?) look.

Posted on October 11, 2012

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