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  • Easy as Locally Grown Pie


    Yes, we miss the easy access to the various farmers markets scattered all across the city during summer (we also miss wearing bikinis, hanging at the beach all weekend, and sporting a fresh, glowing tan, but we digress). And although some farmers markets continue through the fall and winter, trekking out in a snow-pocolypse to stock up on locally grown tomatoes doesn’t rank high on our to-do list.

    Which is why we’re loving the city’s first virtual farmers market. Online retailer America’s Farmstand makes it easy peasy to get all-natural, sustainably farmed, fresh foods, direct from family farms to table, without stepping foot outside this winter.

    From fair-trade vegetables and fruits to cheeses, organic meats, seafood, chocolate, candy, and baked goods, you can get it all sent to you straight from the farm. The online retailer, now delivering in NYC, provides a direct link between family farms and consumers.

    Plus they offer gift baskets, so you can send some fresh love to someone who’s super hard to shop for.

    xx, The FabFitFun NY Team

    Posted on November 10, 2012 in New York


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