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    Eat Yourself Skinny

    Self-proclaimed wine lover, traveler, chocolate addict, runner, and foodie Kelly provides scrumptiously skinny recipes for from special occasions to our daily cravings (which we get, uh, daily). We’ve already featured her (and so have places like Cooking Light, the Huffington Post, and Glamour!), but she’s so good, we had to share again!

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    Healthy Tipping Point

    28-year-old Caitlin Boyle hadn’t always been healthy — she lived her college years partying too hard and getting burnt out. When a friend told her she needed to take care of herself, she discovered the joys of running, biking, nutrition, and having high self-esteem. Now she aims to inspire other young women to find their “healthy tipping points” through her posts about fitness, health, family, and, of course, having fun.

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    Gloss and Dirt

    Winner of Allure‘s 2012 Beauty Blogger Awards, Shannon Ray writes about all things beauty and all things trashy (in the worlds of celebs and fashion, at least). Definitely not appropriate for a younger audience, this bold lady manages to dive into dirt while giving us tips on how to look fresh and clean.

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    Suri’s Burn Book

    Step aside, Perez. Who knew Katie Holmes’ daughter would have such snark?! This fictional blog, referencing the infamous Mean Girls Burn Book, puts Hollywood’s babies (and moms!) under fire. Written from Suri’s perspective, the tagline for the blog reads: “Just because you don’t have a Ferragamo handbag doesn’t mean you can behave like a child. (I’m looking at you, Shiloh).” As if Suri wasn’t already more popular than TomKat, the imagined criticism is harshly directed at overalls, the Jolie-Pitts, and her parents. We can only hope (and dread) the real Suri will grow up to have this much sass and style.

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    Hot Mess Mom

    Even if you’re not actually a mom, this witty and snarky blog will make you laugh out loud (and reach for one of her homemade “vodka babies”). While it was voted one of the top parenting blogs, the post categories include things like “Drunk Blogging,” “I May Be PMSing…,” and “Grown Up Time,” all of which are very much not family appropriate…but extremely appropriate for women and hot messes everywhere.

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    Dean Street Society

    Dean Street Society is not a typical fashion blog. In fact, it’s not even really about fashion — it’s about being authentic and comfortable in your own skin. It’s about finding and being the best version of yourself and what your clothes say about you as a person. With blogs for both women (Bow Ties & Betties) and men (Dapper & The Duchess), this site offers the best of both worlds.

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    An adorbs blog by Maria Del Russo, an editor at an online beauty magazine. She shares tidbits of things that are going on inside her head like cooking, getting dressed and relationships. Her site is a fun place to get recipes, learn some beauty tricks, how-to’s, and to find out her thoughts on life, love and relationships!

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    Pearls & Lace

    A true girly girl and shopaholic, Jen of Pearls & Lace shares her love of all things fashion, home décor, and anything to do with weddings. A fun and easy place to get inspired and relate to a real down-to-earth gal.

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    The Haute Cookie

    Sooae Lee may just give Martha Stewart some competition! This self-proclaimed foodie and fashionista loves to play with makeup, home decor, and photography. And just like the domestic diva, Lee dabbles in almost everything you could ever want or need to live a creative life.

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    Chevrons and Stripes

    Slightly over a year old, this seriously addicting lifestyle blog by freelance stylist and interior designer Sarah Lederman has an emphasis on interior design but also touches on other creative subjects like fashion, food, art, and traveling. Her site is filled with sharp images and collages. And even though her blog is still at its beginning stages, she has already gained a loyal following!

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    Girl With Curves

    As Tyra puts it, this girl is fiercely real! Tanesha Awasthi has only been blogging since February 2011, but she’s already caught the eyes of,,, and other noteworthy fashion sites. But her mission is even more fab than her gorge outfits! She promotes self-esteem for curvy women to make fashion fun for every size.

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    NYC Pretty

    NYCpretty combines freelance stylist Christine Bibbo Herr’s NYC-approved styling tips with fun fitness posts, beauty product reviews, and lifestyle diary posts.

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    Generation Y Foodie

    Lawyer by day, foodie by night, Dara offers recipes of all sorts — ideas for any time of day, any type of food, and any type of diet, including photos! Although this blogger is the author of two cookbooks, she also believes in creating your own recipes and making a mess for the fun of it.

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    Glam Hungry Mom

    As a wife, mom, and healthy living enthusiast, Andrea Bai and her blog encapsulate a lot of our interests. Being a mom may not always be glamorous, but this fun-loving, fit mom sure makes it look like it!

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    Glitter and Gold

    If you ask us, anyone who loves gold and glitter as much as we do is alright in our book and Nicole is no exception! She shares tidbits of her life ranging from her personal style, home, and current inspirations, done in a way that brings just the right amount of sparkle!

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    FabFitFun’s Ambassador Network

    And of course, what would our round-up of bloggers be without the fab ladies of our very own Ambassador Network? (OK, so we’re a little biased, but these girls do some uh-mazing stuff!)

    Posted on December 4, 2012


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