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    My top 3 tips to be a healthier you


    by The Workout Girl

    I went out to dinner the other week at a chain restaurant that will remain nameless. Where I live, it is the law that chain restaurants need to include the calorie count per dish on their menus. It was so eye-opening to see things that sound healthy (like macadamia-encrusted grilled mahi mahi with brown rice, or miso-glazed salmon with grilled vegetables), yet they have more than 1,000 calories per dish! (Say whaaaat?) I learned a hard lesson that day: that we all can be more responsible and informed when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet. Here are my top three tips to keep your nutrition under control:

    Know Your Target Intake of Calories Per Day: Your body has its own basal metabolic rate, or the amount of calories your body burns each day. You can use a calorie calculator like this one to find the total amount of calories you should consume each day to maintain your weight. If your fitness goals involve weight loss, choose a daily calorie target that is slightly less than your estimated basal metabolic rate. If calories in are less than calories out, you will likely lose weight.

    Keep a Food Journal: Now that you have a target amount of calories to consume each day, keep a food journal to track your caloric intake. You’ll likely make smarter food choices when you have a daily reminder about how many calories you are consuming.

    Moderation Is Key: Of course, many of us don’t want to eliminate all cheat foods from our diet completely. It’s OK to have a slice of birthday cake or a scoop of ice cream once in a while—just don’t overdo it. Use your target daily caloric intake as a guide, and try to fit in some exercise on a day where you indulged a bit.

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    Posted on March 27, 2013 in Health


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