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    Shop and share with The Social Closet


    Saturday night and nothing to wear? If you’re like us, you’re already nosing through your BFF’s closet…why is her wardrobe just so much more appealing? One of the top benefits of having great girlfriends (or sisters, or super-fab moms) is being able to ask the all too familiar question, Um, can I borrow that top? 

    But what if you could borrow from the closets of Chicago’s most fashionable residents? And, instead of just borrowing, what if you got to keep the items you plucked from the hangers? Social Closet is making that dream a reality…sharing your wardrobe is about to go virtual.

    Launching in May, The Social Closet is an online fashion marketplace where you can buy and sell pre-owned contemporary clothing. You can upload photos of pre-loved items you want to pass on, and browse the closets of your friends to pick up new items. If you’re a little um, computer lazy, Social Closet will help with photography, pricing — everything. Once something sells, Social Closet provides you with a pre-paid envelope, and you ship the items from your own front door.

    We know, we know, online shopping didn’t need to get any easier. Get your shop on at www.thesocialcloset.com in May. And, until then, sign up to get their email updates so you can be the first to start refreshing your wardrobe.

    xx, The FabFitFun Chicago Team

    Posted on March 23, 2013 in Chicago


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